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Trajectory Of A Political Display



The grand conspiracy and desperate attempt to de-construct and indeed de-mystify Governor Muhammed A. Abubakar of Bauchi State is ostensibly for a hidden agenda against the personality, which remains a fruitless effort.

It has never been my style to join issues with suspected paid agents determined to mess-up the administration of a vibrant leader on a mission to catapult the socio-economic development of Bauchi to a higher pedestal.

In a clear case of the harmattan madness to twist facts for whatever reasons but not far from extortion as the trademark speaks, the Bauchi Coalition Against Financial Crime And Injustice (BACAPCI) managed by two masquerades, had the audacity to display crass ignorance through the publication of blatant lies.

For the records, it will be an honour to mischief to reply the poorly constructed literature verbatim. But for the benefit of the reading public, few words are enough to strengthen the records and debunk the raised allegations as reply.

To start with, the issue of N4billion loan obtained from the United Bank for Africa (UBA) is a rested case because the circumstance that compelled seeking the loan was severally answered by the governor himself.

No one has ever denied obtaining the loan from UBA which was for the settlement of the backlog of salaries inherited from the past administration. The loan was obtained through a legitimate process that can be verified by the former Speaker of the 7th State House of Assembly, Hon. Yahaya Miya who is a staunch PDP member and senior stakeholder in the PDP 2019 gubernatorial project.

On the issue of the total workforce of the state including that of the 20 local governments and the Local Education Authority (LEA), the state has 87,000 excluding political office holders and casual workers engaged for specific services in the Government House and other places under the State Government as sourced from the Office of the State Accountant-General.

For the avoidance of doubt, BACAFCI is at liberty to confirm the figure from my source or the Office of State Head of the Civil Service through the Freedom of Information Act than pencilling garbage out of mischief and ignorance.

The group knows that Governor M.A Abubakar was comfortable with a flourishing law chamber before he became a governor by providence and with the massive support of his party members who rated him as a person with good leadership acumen blessed with inbuilt patriotism, perseverance and courage than his fellow contestants. Despite the power of incumbency in 2015, he won his election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress. That shows his political prowess, strength, courage and the respect and love he has within the state that no single soul within the APC fold in Bauchi State of today can boast of such respect and love. And if there is any, who? 

Although, as a realist, it has never been in M.A Abubakar’s style to always trumpet his stewardship, but the records are there for any doubting Thomas which BACAFCI members know.

Any person that knows Bauchi State will agree with my opinion that the state is undergoing total renovation with state-of-the-art facilities. Bauchi under the APC has transformed to a better place in physical development. The state is already on the fast lane driven by patriotism, courage and transparency in government business.

The first batch of the 500 brand new tractors procured and commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari, were distributed to farmers in the 20 local government areas while awaiting the arrival of the second batch.

Several public primary and secondary schools across the state were renovated and provided with modern furniture. It is no more common to see pupils receiving lectures sitting on stones, logs etc in classes.

The revenue base of the state has been improved through transparency that attracted commendation from the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

Poverty is steadily being alleviated with passion in Bauchi State for commerce and trading to thrive while major and minor contracts and patronages are the exclusive rights of serious indigenes with the required capacity.

Truly, the youth are being empowered in a grand style to clear them from the streets through several economic empowerment initiatives while others are encouraged to connect back to their schools on government sponsorship.

But if not for the commitment and transparent nature of the governor including fighting poor service delivery in the state, perhaps the its ship would long have capsized into the vast ocean of socio-economic violence created by the maggots within and outside the government now in desperation to smear the reputation of the illustrious son they envy and hate.

Despite that, today, those desperados are paying those adjudged as transparent servants in coins they never traded for the economic survival of Bauchi State with spurious allegations usually concocted to tarnish reputation and destroy the tenets of probity and transparency assiduously built over the years.

It shocks one to the marrow more so because acts of sheer deception and bitter hatred and envy as reflected in some of William Shakespeare’s of the 16th century are now playing out in the 21st Century in Bauchi State with uncanny semblances! And what for if not because of transient fame and fortunes. For instance, in the play Macbeth the lead character betrayed King Duncan (to whom he swore an allegiance) by killing him when he was a guest at his home. But why, one may ask? It was an overtly ambitious attempt to gain the crown that Duncan wore. He also betrayed his friend, Banquo, just to retain power and position of being King. Thereafter, he murdered sleep!

But that is BACAFCI for you: vacillating like the tropic weather. Yesterday, they pretended to be the most loving and loyal party friends or allies, only because they were in dire need of Isa Yuguda’s help, most likely to get out of a sticky situation. Today, they have turned coat at the drop of a hat, that is, when the price is right to blackmail those they envy for same patronage.

As those allegations that went virile, detractors of M.A Abubakar as usual bombarded the media with concocted falsehood to get him hooked after several attempts had failed to link him with financial and other scandals.

For instance, in some of the spurious allegations, imaginations, folk tales and dreams are twisted to the front burner to serve as truth. 

Records show that Governor M.A Abubakar has repositioned Bauchi State and injected sanity in its operations. Those ignorant mischief makers are in the market square trading in falsehood to smear respected names with a good reputation of transparency and prudence that can neither be denied nor challenged.

As the folktales gather momentum, the allegations suddenly developed wings and reached the media in desperation to settle a perceived score. The offence to have warranted the publication remains a mystery to decent minds and real advocates of good governance.

In his reaction to the falsehood, a renowned social critic and senior lecturer at Boston Institute of Economics, USA, Prof. Edwin Brown, was quick to express shock and wondered aloud why are respected names attacked and for what purpose?  But was BACAFCI really responsible for the published spurious allegations against an innocent person who has over a decade painstakingly contributed enormously to the economic stability of Bauchi State with unblemished record or acted the script?

Having achieved several feats, out of rare sense of patriotism, it is a shame that some individuals, who envy the successes of others are now making attempts to rubbish good images which were built over decades.

– Muhammad is a Media Consultant to Gov. M.A Abubakar



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