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‘2019 Polls Defining Moment For Nigeria’



The forthcoming general elections will mark a defining moment for the Nigerian nation, former Katsina State governor, Shehu Shema, has said.

Shema who is currently the leader of opposition PDP in Katsina State also declared that the presidential election is not about an individual but about the future of Nigeria.

While speaking during the commencement of the PDP presidential and governorship campaigns in Katsina state, Shema also urged Nigerians to vote PDP for the sake of Nigeria’s future.

“The 2019 election is not about an individual, it is not about me; it is not about you; it is about the future of Nigeria.

“The election is about your future. It is about my future and that of our children and grandchildren’s future. Therefore, go out en masse and vote for the PDP.

He enjoined electorates to vote for massively for PDP candidates at all levels noting “The APC is disconnected at all levels completely from people of Nigeria; so we must vote out the APC. The PDP loves you and has sympathy for you; vote for the PDP, the party that will cater for you.”

Shema, who recounted his achievements while in office in the state, maintained that the current APC regime in the state had reversed virtually all the gains made by the PDP.

He specifically mentioned his government’s achievements in the education sector, claiming that parents were now made to pay through their nose for the children education in the state.

“Our government did a lot to improve education. We offered free education. But now, government doesn’t pay examination fees anymore. Parents now bear the whole burden. If you want good life back; if you want hunger to be banished from our state and from Nigeria; if you want free education back; if you want quality health care delivery back, vote for the PDP.”



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