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Sudan Strategizes To Tackle Economic Crisis, Calls For Unity



The  Sudanese government said it is  taking elaborate steps to resolve the recent economic crisis that triggered protests across the country through the 2019 budget.This is  even as it implored all stakeholders to unite to move the nation forward.

In a release made available to LEADERSHIP by the Embassy in Abuja, the President of Sudan,Omar Al-Bashir in his speech during the occasion to mark the 63rd Independent anniversary of the country, stressed that the pressing economic circumstances which have caused hardship for a large portion of the country were brought about by an array of external and internal factors.

In his words: “I wish to confirm that all institutions of the state seek to resolve this crisis through formulating a roadmap drawn around a strategy built upon production and productivity. The 2019 budget has been put forth with a new vision which aims to revitalize the economy and bypass the current crises; utilizing an approach that for the very first time depends on projects and programs to achieve its objectives; instead of the traditional itemization approach,” the President said.

Bashir declared that his government has also put in place a new system for production, importation and distribution of basic commodities and medicines and the placement of a strict program aimed at restoring trust in Sudan’s banking system which has endured the challenges of international boycotts.

This he said will help the banking system to bypass the current crisis and carry out its role in supporting production and financing producers in the private sector which has continued to play an appreciated role in the progress of the Sudanese economy.

The president, who expressed gratitude to the people for their kind patience, assured them that his administration will soon overcome this difficult but temporary phase and return the country to the path of comprehensive development by utilizing the strong base of resources of its economy. He also called on the political parties to contribute wisely to dealing with the nation’s issues including the current economic problem, through advising and providing alternatives, not through competition and political gain.

He pointed out that Sudan has through bilateral cooperation reached economic partnerships with sisterly and friendly countries, such as China, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, the Gulf States and others, which is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Sudanese economy and building the national production infrastructure of the country.

“We shall proceed with expanding participation in the management of the state to include all sectors of our people and the political and social forces without exclusion or discrimination, ushering in a new era which requires unity and demands cooperation and consensus among all sectors of the Sudanese society so as to face the challenges surrounding our country.

“This requires that we renew the call to our great people and the political and social forces inside and outside Sudan to unify so as to observe the verse of Allah which says “cooperate on righteousness and piety and do not cooperate on sins aggression”; and pledge to renounce violence, wars and conflict so as to strengthen our social fabric which we have sought to protect in order to deal with all causes with justice and equality and without discrimination; and to assume serious dialogue as a means to overcome differences,” he said.



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