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Garlands For The Caliphate ‘Tuwo Boy’



On the 10th day of January  Fifty three years ago, a son who has government on his shoulders was given to a modest family in a downtown in the Southern part of the Sokoto Caliphate.  And for those expecting that a historic day like this would be marked specially are bound to be disappointed because  Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, a deeply religious, hardworking, emotionally stable, intelligent, humble and humane Executive Governor of Sokoto State, the Son of the Day  would be at his desk doing the work of service to God and humanity.

Therefore, to celebrate this human dynamo is to deconstruct him, take a cursory look right from his formative years, his growing up and to the latter years when he became an issue in the national space and political discourse. This historical incursion into the life of Aminu Tambuwal might help those who hold contrary opinion about him, it will open their eyes and minds to  see that service to humanity has been his propeller.

Truth is that his birth and future was not foretold by diviners or the Mullahs, it however brought great joy and with consolation that a leader had been born, he was given the name Aminu. His growth into full stature was remarkable as in no distant years, what was wrapped in the womb of history was unfolded starting from when he was a toddler.

At a very tender age, Aminu became the rallying point for his peers, because nothing is too precious for him to share among his friends and he would not allow any of them to be bullied.Thus from his early stage of life, he displayed leadership qualities and the pursuant of Western education helped to broaden his scope and service to humanity in that he came in contact with people of other tribes, culture and creed.

It is nationally acceptable that  he has grown his nationalistic vision with ability to make fair and inclusive decisions, spiced with seamless interaction with people of like minds and even the opposite to an envious level.

Born on the 10th of January 1966 into a modest family with strong Islamic doctrines in Tambuwal town, Aminu was enrolled in Tambuwal primary school after Quranic lessons; he proceeded to the Government Teachers College in Dogon-Daji where he obtained the Teachers Grade II Certificate.

He was employed as a trained teacher and traversed the length and breath of the state moulding the younger ones for the  future in Western education until he decided to enroll at the Usmanu Dan Fodio University to read Law.

Young Aminu graduated with LL.B (Hons) and proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, Lagos for the one year mandatory studies and was called to the Bar in 1992.

It was in his university days between 1987 and 1991 that he clearly displayed his passion to make live worthy of living for others, irrespective of tribe, status and what not, so long you are human being. His training and experience in domestic chores became handy when he had to play the role of Chef for his roommates in Hall C of the Usman Dan Fodio University.

His colleagues and roommates narrated how he was nicknamed ‘Aminu TUWO’ as a result of his dexterity in preparing TUWO, the all time Hausa meal.

Another story was told of the risks he took to stand by a friend of his, one Adamu Argungu, who later joined the Army and ran into troubles with the late General Sani Abacha government.

Upon returning to Sokoto from the Law School, Governor Aminu Tambuwal began his legal career as a private legal practitioner and in 1966, he was ejected Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Bar Association, Sokoto branch. A year later, he rose to the position of the Branch  Secretary and a member of the Constitution Review Committee of the NBA in 1997-1998.

It was in recognition of of his experience, mobility, penchant for success and outstanding performance that he was variously elected Assistant National Financial Secretary, 1st Assistant National Secretary and also served as Secretary, Human Rights  Committee of the NBA from 1988 to 2002. The climax of his professional career as a lawyer was his appointment into the highest decision making body of the Nigerian legal profession- The Body of Benchers.

A bridge-builder, Aminu’s forays into the Nigerian politics exposed his rare talents and high national vision, powered by a passion to break new leadership grounds and chart a fresh move and convincing path to national advancement.  Over the time, his style of leadership and humility has greatly endeared him to millions of Nigerians.

At the advent of the current democratic dispensation, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal joined the All Peoples Party (APP), and in reward for his various contributions to nurse the party, he was elected the State Organising Secretary. It is interesting to note that Tambuwal had a short stint in the Peoples  Democratic Party ( PDP)  where he was elected Sokoto State Legal Adviser in 2092. In recognition of his continued determination and zeal to render public service, he was appointed by Senator Abdallah Wali, the former Senate Leader as his personal Assistant on Legislative Matters.

With the resolve by Kebbe / Tambuwal Federal constituency to elect people with unblemished record of meritorious service to positions of responsibility, and coming from a background of a  good teacher and lawyer to render public service, he was elected into the House of Representatives in 2003. With the dynamics of a developing democracy, he was elected Minority Leader by the Minority Caucus, and was re-elected in 2007 as a PDP member and became the Deputy Chief Whip.

By the time he returned to the House for the third time in 2011, he had established himself as a great party man with the ability to make fair and inclusive decisions there by wining the confidence of his colleagues who entrusted him to lead as the Speaker of the Seventh Republic.His ascendancy to the seat  of Speaker against all permutations brought not only stability and credibility into the House, his leadership styles of openness and transparency in carrying every members along wooed his opponents to his side.

His approaches to governance and leadership style restored stability and credibility into the Green Chamber. Members of the Seventh House of Representatives had testified to his openness and transparent administration as he carried along everyone, including members who  opposed his emergence. Highly intelligent and detribalised, Aminu Tambuwal became the toast of a new generation in his home state, hence, the clarion call on him to contest for the governorship of the State became irresistible.

On the mandate of his people to change political party, he contested the 2015 gubernatorial poll and won with  a wide margin.Always at home in every part of the country which he had visited as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, he took a shot at the ticket of his new party, the PDP and came second to the surprise of many of his detractors who saw him as a local champion. You always leave a legacy of service and inprint of patriotism in everything your touch, Happy birthday to the Mutawallen of the Caliphate and the Executive Governor of Sokoto State.


– James writes from Abuja



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