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Flashpoint : The Trial Of ‘Prophet’ Dino And Other Stories



The number one Nollywood star, Senator Dino Melaye, came out with another of his series titled: ‘how not to be a distinguished Senator’ last week. Senator Dino, who has elevated buffoonery to an art form in the last three years, sure deserves some accolades from Nollywood.

Apart from being an actor, the senator told us two weeks ago that he is also a prophet – Praise the Lord! Recently, the Nigeria Police Force laid siege to Dino’s residence in Maitama vowing not to retreat until the senator surrendered himself for arrest and investigation. In a statement issued by its spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, the police said it was laying siege to Mr Melaye’s residence because the senator, alongside his ‘armed thugs’, shot one Danjuma Saliu, a sergeant, in July 2018.

However, our distinguished senator tweeted from his hideout, saying: ‘‘The Bible records Prophet Elijah to be among one of the strongest prophets that lived, but he went to mount Carmel to hide when King Ahab sought him to kill him because of the way he boldly declared the truth.’’ There is a difference with being scared and being wise.

Senator Dino likened himself to Prophet Elijah and was tweeting updates on the police siege at his house. He was calling the attention of the media to his persecution, but I can’t remember Dino tweeting about the outrageous allowances he receives as senator.

A request by Senator Dino for police officers to vacate his residence and desist from further attempts at arresting him was, on Thursday, January 3, declined by a Federal High Court in Abuja.

Melaye had approached the court through his lawyer, Nkem Okoro of Mike Ozekhome (SAN) chambers, following allegations by the senator that the police planned to poison him. He had also asked the court to stop the police from what he described as acting in a manner that threatens his life or putting his life in jeopardy pending the determination of the substantive suit.

How dare the police lay siege to a Prophet, one who was called to rescue Nigeria and its people? Didn’t the Bible say touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm?

Finally, common wisdom prevailed and the ‘prophet’, who had earlier lied about not being at home, surrendered to the police. Just like I predicted, Dino depicted the most imbecilic behaviour I have seen from an adult in like 100 years. He slumped and even his most ardent supporters were embarrassed by his moronic behaviour. This distinguished senator really needs to grow up.

The question is how come Dino’s sickness always manifests anytime the police want him? The guy has done everything to evade arrest from jumping from a police vehicle and climbing a tree to escaping from his shadowy kidnappers, the list is endless.

I remember during the recall saga by his constituents, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials came to his office to serve him notice. The lawmaker, when he heard they were waiting for him in the office, ran faster than Usain Bolt from the Senate plenary straight to his car. With his burly frame and baritone voice, you would think he is like Samson or David in the Bible but he has shown several times that he is all noise, no action; like we say in the local parlance, ‘he no get liver.’

I don’t care if he is being witch-hunted by the police; he should have submitted himself to them. I don’t think the Nigeria police would be that reckless to kill or harm a sitting senator. His tactics of trying to evade arrest makes him look guilty.

The police, on the other hand, have not conducted themselves properly in this entire saga. Come to think of it, if he were a poor man, would they have waited for eight days in front of his house for him to give himself up? If he were a poor man, would he not have been shot when he jumped out of a moving vehicle? We have laws for the rich and poor in this country. I pity the poor supporters who risk their lives to defend most of these charlatans.

Thank God the doctors have confirmed what we all know, that he is medically fit to face trial. If he is innocent, he will be acquitted of all charge; after all he has the money to hire the best SANs. Enough of all this drama!

On the other hand, another incident that hugged the headlines was the outcry and Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) Thursday rejection of the appointment of Mrs Amina Zakari, as chairperson of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Advisory Committee and Election Collation Centre Committee, saying it is a ploy to rig the polls in favour of the president.

To me, the hue and cry over Amina’s appointment is needless. Even after INEC had explained that the woman would not have anything to do with the collation of results, it still had not deterred those calling for her head. All of a sudden, she is the most dangerous woman in the country.

I don’t see how one person would manipulate the result; the opposition is overheating the polity unnecessarily. However, I think Mrs Zakari should take the game to them by just stepping aside as collation coordinator. Maybe her stepping aside would lower the political temperature in the country.