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Kaduna CP Reads Riot Act To Officers



Kaduna State commissioner of Police, CP Ahmad Abdur-Rahman, said the command is on the trail of security operatives, local chiefs and vigilantes suspected of conniving with criminals in the state.

According to the CP “Information reaching me is that some security agents are also behind some of these criminals, but I wish it’s not true, because whoever they are, whatever organisation one is, I don’t care. My mandate is to hunt for criminals.”

The police commissioner, who gave the warning at a press conference yesterday, added that the command was determined to tackle all forms of criminality in the state.

He said, “We will arrest those who are aiding and abetting those giving the criminals information. We have put our searchlight on them.

“Those traditional leaders, local hunters and vigilantes should be very careful, because we have information that some of them have turned into informants of criminals.

“We are going to get them arrested and prosecuted. No criminal will go free, any other personnel of the security services who is involved, we are going to get him.”

Abdur-Rahman also confirmed the death of a road marshal shot by gunmen, and a commuter who was injured at Kasarami village on Kaduna-Abuja highway on Tuesday.

He said that the injured commuter is in hospital and responding to treatment while disclosing that he visited the area and pledged to adopt new strategies to contain the threat.

Abdur-Rahaman appealed to residents to avail the police and other security agencies with relevant information to stop the criminals.

“All criminals will be flushed out from their hideouts. They are human beings, not from another planet.

“If they don’t have informants, people aiding and abetting, and those supplying them with fuel, food, medicine, definitely they will not be able to operate.

“We therefore appeal to the good citizens of the state including those living or going through forests to be alive to their civic responsibilities by assisting the police and other security agencies with information to track and arrest the criminals,” the police chief said.



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