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Yemi Alade, Social Media And Depression



In this 21st century, social media has indeed made the world a global village. What is done in the closet is showcased or flaunted on the blogosphere.

A lot of youths, according to movie maker and film critic, Charles Novia, have become Instagram and glorified celebrities via the use of the app, a veritable social media tool that makes use of pictures and videos.

In Nigeria, abuse of fads, trends, fashion and of course, social media, is inevitable. And a hundred and one blogs are owned by Nigerians filtering stories on entertainment, politics, fashion and sports every now and then.

Owners of these blogs are youths who want to become celebs themselves, overnight, so that they too can start raking in millions of naira monthly or fortnightly. Their craze to make it quick is fuelled by shows on TV, music videos and social media posts which are updated every minute to influence the choice of anyone who is not guided or have a goal or vision for life, even if you consider yourself an adult.

But that’s not all the damage that social media promotes.

Midweek, Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade took to her social media space to reveal that the rising spate of depression amongst people is caused by social media. How did our own Yemi Alade and ‘Ghen Ghen’ singer come about such conclusion?

She said social media is training people to compare their lives instead of appreciating everything that they are.

Ms Alade is somewhat right if we all believe what is posted on social media hook, line and sinker. The thing is that; everyone wants to show off and social media is the tool. No one verifies whether that 18-year-old boy and that business man owns the Lamborghini that he poses in front of. And false news and false stories showcasing the vanity of life are being thrown at us via social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and others.

Alade may not be far from the truth about depression being an illness of the mind and if you believe the social media, then you may begin to compare yourself with your peers which is totally wrong because we aren’t heading to the same destination even if we all finished secondary school the same year.

Some people are late bloomers in life just like yours sincerely. My brother got married five years before me but should I moan about it? No! All I need do is plan my life and move on the path of my goal.


An Octogenarian once said in an interview with LEADERSHIP Newspaper, the REMINICENCE column, that he wishes the youth of nowadays learn from their stories and that they should associate with the elders to glean from their wisdom as it isn’t all that Glitters is gold.


“The youths of this generation are faced with distractions via pop culture and  social media, and they need mentorship and guidance I’d they are going to amount to anything in Life,” says Mr Cletus Odinaka, a sociologist.





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