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PDP Rep Candidate Refutes Claim Of Opponent’s Endorsement By Traditional Rulers



People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) candidate for the Bende Federal House of Representatives in the forthcoming general election, Dr. Chima Anyaso, has dismissed as false, claims that his opponent, a candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), Benjamin Kalu, was endorsed by the council of traditional rulers in Igbere in the state.

Anyaso who stated this while reacting to claims by Kalu that he was endorsed by the traditional council, said such a claim amounts to desperation on the part of the opposition that is only busy concocting lies and fables to deceive gullible members of society.

Speaking on the purported endorsement, the Igbere born politician decried the mundane tactics of the opposition APC in Bende who, according to him, are busy making up stories and brandishing fake news of an endorsement that never was.

He disclosed that reliable sources within the traditional council had confirmed that what is claimed by the opposition as an endorsement was a mere familiarisation meeting which is not unusual, but clearly not an endorsement.

On the claim that the traditional rulers endorsed the opponent because of his, the opponent’s perceived loyalty to a former governor of the state, Anyaso says it was laughable because if former governor Uzor Kalu wanted to compensate his godson, the House of Representatives’ seat of Bende and the destiny of entire Bende people matter more than the relationship and loyalty of a godson to a god father.

Speaking further, Anyaso said, “we know that part of the many antics of the opposition is to use lies and unfair means to seek public sympathy, but we will allow them to do so because Bende people know them very well and their deceptive style. We are only saying to them to tune it down a little. They know that they have lost in this election so the desperation is unnecessary.

“The claim that my opponent will be rewarded for his loyalty to a former governor, I like to say to him that he should look for other forms of reward, because the House of representative’s seat of Bende belongs to Bende people, it is not a personal property, the former governor should buy his godson a car, a house of even given him a second wife. The people of Bende have said it repeatedly that they are ready to have us in that position, and no godfather will stop the moving train”

Chima Anyaso was recently conferred with the Chieftaincy title of Obi Bende by the traditional council of Bende in recognition of his outstanding services to Bende and his community, Igbere, amongst other charitable works in Abia state and Nigeria for which he has received international awards.



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