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2019: Kukah Collects PVC, Says Nigerians Should Not Suspect The Referee



Ahead of the forthcoming general elections, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Dioceses, Dr Matthew Hassan Kukah has advised Nigerians to have confidence in the nation’s electoral umpire, INEC and other relevant security agencies hence they have promised to give their best in the general elections.

Kukah, who spoke at Sokoto South local government INEC’s office when he went to collect his PVC, stressed that the Permanent Voters Card is a fundamental and very important civic responsibility of every matured Nigerian.

“I don’t think anybody can lay claims to wanting a good society without taking the troubles of going to collect his/her PVC. It is a very, very fundamental responsibility of every matured citizen”.

While noting that the fears by some over whether votes truly counts in Nigeria or not, Bishop Kukah said it is the responsibility of all to make sure that the votes counts. Adding therefore that, we might not get it as perfect as expected but certainly, there will be improvement over time.

“As we are making progress, we are also learning about how to make our votes count. Therefore, INEC has done its best. The public is getting involved. The challenge with public institutions, those who run the electoral process, the security agencies is to make sure that the vote of every individual, whether you are the president, a Bishop or a beggar on the street count”.

Bishop Kukah who further noted that there might be hitches along the line, admonished people to follow things with peace, hence according to him, nothing handled by human could be beyond criticism.

“But what matters most is that both the party in power and oppositions must know that we have to have a country first then other things could follow. We are not to suspect the referee but go all out and play well. The nature of the game sometimes detects how the referee behaves”.




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