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Fugitive Bribery Suspect Turns Herself In



Fugitive bribery suspect Pei Zhanrong has returned to China and turned herself in almost two years after fleeing overseas, China’s top anti-graft authority announced on Monday.

“Pei, a former human resources and social security official in northeast China’s Jilin Province, was suspected of taking bribes and fled overseas in March 2017,’’ the anti-graft authority said.

The 65-year-old was also a former chief of the division for demobilised military officers’ placement and deputy inspector at the human resources and social security department in Jilin Province.

“In June 2017, Jilin provincial prosecutors launched an investigation into Pei’s suspected crimes, before she was added to an online wanted list by the authorities,’’ the statement said.

According to officials, Pei is cooperating in returning her illegal gains.

The fugitive repatriation and asset recovery office under China’s Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group has vowed unremitting efforts to hunt down fugitives and recover stolen assets.




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