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Messi Is Better Than Diego Maradona – Alex Ferguson



Sir Alex Ferguson has given reason why he believes Lionel Messi is better than Argentine football legend Diego Maradona.

Ferguson stated this during an interview with The Times where he said that Messi’s career having a longer time in the spotlight gives him an edge over Maradona in terms of who’s better.

When asked to choose between both Argentines, he said:

“Told of this, I would side with Souness, who said Mess is a better player than Maradona on that one,” Ferguson said.

“Maradona’s career at the very top was only a few years.”

Ferguson added, “But I can imagine Hugh’s response. You don’t know what you’re talking about!’ While blowing a big puff of smoke in your face, lighting another stogie and speaking with that wonderful, rasping voice.”