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Merkel Urges China To Take Responsibility For Peaceful World Order



German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged China to take more responsibility in the world as its global aspirations grow.

China will have to grow more into its responsibility for a peaceful world order,’’ Merkel said on Tuesday in a discussion with students of Japan’s elite Keio University in Tokyo.

According to Merkel in a debate over the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, one had to talk to China about the company not simply handing over data to the state that is then used, but that one gets assurances there.

“If you work in Germany, then it cannot be that the Chinese state is able to access all the data on all Chinese products, these questions must continue to be discussed,’’ she said.

Huawei has faced accusations from several Western nations that it works closely with the Chinese state and that it designs its products with spyware that allows the Communist Party leadership to harvest data.

Report says the company and the Beijing government deny this.

Merkel also addressed concerns that China does not adequately protect intellectual property.

“Ways have to be found with China that deals with intellectual property carefully and fairly.

“The more dominant China becomes and the better it develops economically, the more demands will be placed on China in these areas.

“It is also important for the European side to make it clear to China that we need reciprocity in our relations.

“Berlin, however, wanted to work on equal terms with China,’’ Merkel said on the second and last day of her visit to Japan.(NAN)





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