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Civil Defence Corps And 2019 Polls



With a few weeks to the much awaited 2019 general elections, a lot seem to be happening at the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps towards the success of the elections that deserve to be chronicled. Characteristically, I will attempt to mention some of them in order for most discerning minds to decipher and appreciate the efforts of the man at the helm of affairs. Firstly, in response to the forth coming elections, the Commandant – General of the Corps, Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu directed all commands and formations, divisions and area commands for them to deploy at all levels of ward, local government, state as well as national in order to ensure a peaceful and hitch free elections in conjunction with all sister security agencies.

As in all cases and scenarios, in order to achieve success, the Commandant – General knows that he needs a seasoned, skilled and combatant staff in place. His words, “election is a very sensitive issue requiring decent, calm and humane personnel to handle electorates on election days at election venues. We must be prepared to deal with election riggers, no matter how sophisticated or complex in order to defend our hard earned democracy. Indeed, we must give it our all”.

Little wonder he is very passionate about staff welfare and personnel. So far, some 15,000 personnel were sent for different training programmes with their salaries and allowances paid on time in readiness for the task ahead. In the meantime, Commandant General Abdullahi Gana has deployed over 12,000 personnel to different communities to resolve disputes nationwide in order to pave way and prepare smooth ground for very credible elections. According to him, the personnel are to prevent conflicts from escalating especially in remote areas of Nigeria.

He urged the personnel to build on the “good work the organization is noted for which earned it encomium from the world’s highest body, the United Nations recently. A lot of non-governmental organizations also organized similar workshops and seminars for the Corps in this regard. According to the testimonies of the NGO Country Representatives, “the good work done by the corps under Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu prompted them to equip the personnel of the civil defence corps with latest skills in line with international best practices.

An epitome of moral rectitude, Gana has, every year, replenished the personnel in readiness for their numerous duties. For staff comfort and productivity, all personnel have been provided with insurance cover in the event of accident, death or disability in the course of duty. The quality of service delivery offered by the corps in the history of elections in Nigeria is incontrovertible. Besides elections, the corps under Muhammadu Gana as the Commandant General has also excelled in our national life. Recently, the Nigeria Communications Commission signed agreement with the corps to protect communication installations across the country from vandalisation so as to guarantee quality telecom services in this country. This is in addition to the about 3,000  agro rangers unit established by the corps to protect farmers and their farmland from armed bandits and kidnappers.

The goodwill that the Commandant General and by extension the corps enjoys nationwide is evident of the love and confidence Nigerians repose in him. This affection could be seen displayed at each location the commandant general visited. He is showered with enormous love in appreciation of the services the corps is known to dispense towards the sustainable growth and development of our country, Nigeria.

The Civil Defence Corps has undoubtedly become citizen friendly and is fit to participate professionally in the oncoming elections. It is obvious, Abdullahi Gana has made his mark so profoundly devoid of inter-agency rivalry by grooming his officers and men to behave properly like the servants of the law that they ought to be. It is gladdening to note that the National Security Adviser  recently held series of meetings aimed at closing ranks and calling for inter-agency cooperation. Successes are always recorded when agencies operate in harmony without rancour by sharing intelligence.

As the citizens file out for these elections, it is hoped that the Commandant General will maintain his steadfastness. This will be his organization’s contribution to the growth of our democracy which holds the key to the future of our greatness. True to type, since his appointment, he has, with decorum and ease inched towards making the service the success story everybody is narrating today.

Needless to state, however, mention must be made of the need for government, especially the National Assembly to appropriate adequate grant to the corps in  order for them to carry out their official functions, too numerous to mention. Sufficient funding is very crucial based on the very broad nature of the corps mandate; especially as the Commandant General has shown great capacity for service.


– Mohammed wrote in from Abuja




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