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PMB, Insurgency, Corruption And Redressing Economy



Prior to the inauguration of the Muhammadu Buhari administration in 2015, many Nigerians from all the geo-political zones particularly the North-Eastern zone were living in fear and jeopardy as a result of the Boko-Haram Bomb attacks that couldn’t spare even the seat of power, the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, where many lives and properties were lost.

With all the propaganda the then Jonathan administration embarked on and wastage of resources, the onslaught of the insurgents continued unchecked. With widespread bombings in some parts of Abuja, Yobe, Borno, Adamawa and even Gombe States. When the Muhammadu Buhari administration came into democratic governance, the rate of insurgent attacks was drastically reduced to minimal level in these affected areas. In the case of Abuja, it was completely wiped out and curbed. In the Northeastern part of the country, many inhabitants who earlier deserted their homes in fear of attacks returned and re-united with their families thereby making the internally displaced peoples Camp (IDPs) to have and witness reduction in number of refugees. Today, flights are easily connecting with the Borno State Capital, Maiduguri, from Lagos and other parts of the country which has made businesses to return to normalcy.

The earlier fear and grip in the minds of people have been taken away, kidnappings and other sorts of attacks reduced incessantly. With most of these landmark, immense and remarkable achievements of the Buhari administration on fight against insurgency, some unjustified critics and desperate politicians are still not appreciable of it but embarking on campaign of image denting and calumny to smear the reputation of the administration.

If no one amongst these category of ingrates eulogizes the stance of the Buhari onslaught against insurgents, the international community of course does in view of why since the inception of the administration, leading world super powers like the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, Germany and host of others have not only reckoned with the PMB stewardship but as well extended hands of support and fellowship in order to end the Boko-Haram insurgency. Examples of some of these gestures include the recent donation of armour tanks and fighter jets by the Royal Jordanian government to both the Nigeria army, and the air force respectively. In addition, offered to train Air force pilots, personnel and officers on how to use the fighter jets. The United States on her own part broke the earlier barrier placed on Nigeria on arms deal by accepting to supply Nigeria with some modern weapons and warfare equipment. The Chinese government on its own part pledged assistance of two billion Chinese currency to fight the Boko-Haram insurgency as well as military training to our troops.

All these were made possible as a result of the enthusiasm, devotedness and altruism demonstrated by the Buhari administration on its fight against insurgency. On fight against corruption, the discovery of diversion of arms deal money for re-election of Jonathan in 2015 made a lot of Nigerians to take the PMB administration’s fight against corruption real and serious, where certain high class and echelons of the military and their civil collaborators were tried and made to refund such corrupt proceeds.

The immediate past national security adviser under whose watch such monies were disbursed is still under detention. As at the time President Muhammadu Buhari took over, the entire world was facing economic depression and meltdown, over time, the administration was able to return the country to normalcy.

The treasury single account (TSA) introduced by the administration helped in reducing the diversion, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds as all government institutions exception of some few security agencies were compelled to open account with only the apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The Presidential Committee on the recovery of government properties and assets which recently investigated some commercial banks over the high charges on interest rates on Nigerians is also a clear attestation and commitment of the administration’s care, concern and desire for the protection of the rights and interests of Nigerians. Similarly, many local farmers were further given booster through incentives introduced in the agricultural sector to support local farmers. Today, local rice farming has improved in states like Kebbi, Jigawa, Niger and Sokoto States where even Foreign Companies have invested in local farming. It is very much on record that it was under this administration that yam export commenced. The numerous achievements of the administration are such that requires commendation especially as the President seeks re-election. It is not all about noise making or propaganda but enigmatic action where action is required than talking.

Nigerians under the Buhari administration expressed their opinions freely without infringement on their fundamental human rights which was difficult under the previous administrations.

No one should be deceived or give in to the antics of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). For the 16 years the party spent in power, no success was recorded on security, economic and infrastructural facelift.

The super highway project about to start linking Lagos to Abuja is another wonderful concept that is the third in the whole of Africa after Egypt and South Africa, this initiative and concept was made by indigenous Nigerian surveyors in conjunction with their foreign financial correspondence.

There are many achievements of the administration but some critics might term their being mentioned as campaign and image laundering. No matter what the major opposition says negatively about the Buhari administration, it can’t affect its re-election in February 2019.

In conclusions, the recent increase in the salaries of officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force is also a demonstration of the commitment of the Buhari administration on welfare of security agents.

Similarly, the Nigerian Army and the Airforce were given $1billion and $1.5billion respectively to purchase modern equipments and fighter jets in order to end the Boko Haram Menace and further fortify our security against external aggression. All these funds were taken from the excess crude account (ECA). Ordinarily, the administration would have used such monies for its re-election campaign but as a patriotic team they didn’t. Nigerians should not be deceived by anyone as unity, peace and security are paramount to development, we can never become a failed state like Somalia.

– Shehu, a public affairs analyst, wrote from Abuja..




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