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Sometimes, the best things you find are things you were’nt necessarily looking for.”

It occurs to me now, in my thirteenth column that many of my readers may not know much about me. You may know some of the things that I am passionate about through my writing, but for the most part I seem to be a looming image, like the ever-clearing smoke. Perhaps it is because I enjoy people seeing themselves through my writing, more so than I relish writing about myself. To those who want to know a little bit more about the man behind the words, here it is:

I never wanted to write. Infact at some point, I would have readily taken every alternative to doing so, through my first two years of schooling in Michigan. In my third year, I got the chance to study in Italy, where my scholarship made it more cost effective for the fall semester. The program I was a part of would teach the language, but it was primarily a music or communication intensive one. At the time I did not know much of either disciplines but I dubbed myself a communication student, because I usually make noise instead of harmonious symphonies. I signed up for the internship program and was assigned to a start-up company named ZesTrip. Although timid at first, I learned to get into the tasks I had before me. I wrote press releases, blogs and helped with English translations as the only native speaker on the team. The people made the transition easy, and at the end of the semester, I absolutely loved what I was doing.

When I returned to Michigan, I sought out communication and writing with more interest. I took more classes, worked with a Professor in undergraduate research, edited videos for faculty members and became the school newspaper’s sports co-editor. On the day of my graduation from College, I was leaving with a minor in the field. If anyone had told me that this would be the case a year ago, I would have thought that they were lying.

Fast forward two years into the future and I find myself serving my nation while writing for Leadership Newspaper; another position that helps me continue to do what I enjoy. A lot has occurred between then and now, but I see myself growing both as a writer and as a young man. In both of them, the people and the experiences make it what it is, because they are always my favourite part of the journey. It occurs to me that in the past, I would tend to focus on where I would like to be in the future and resent the place where I currently was. That is no longer the case, because I have learned to enjoy the journey while remaining open to experience new things. You never know what may end up coming your way.





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