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Northern Media Professionals Begin ‘Search’ For Next Sardauna



Fifty three years after the passing of Sardaunan Sokoto and Premier of the Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello, senior journalists have begun the arduous task of searching for the next Sardauna.

This, they say, is predicated on the fact that most leaders from the northern part of the country have paid more attention to themselves rather than the region even though “they owe their positions and fortune to the magnanimity of the late Sardauna”.

Revealing why this quest had become inevitable on behalf of the media professionals at an award of the ‘Sardauna of Our Time’ in Abuja, Deputy President Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE), Malam Suleiman Uba Gaya submited that the North had not been able to produce or  recognise anyone that northerners could look up to as the late premier.

“It is a well known fact that more than two-thirds of Nigerians, or about 70 percent of the population, were born well after 1966. All that these young compatriots have been hearing, whenever the story is told about leadership with integrity; selflessness and patriotism, is a great man called Sardauna that was killed before they were born.

“But we believe there must be someone whose virtues resemble those of the Sardauna, not necessarily in every material respect, but even if substantially so. We cannot know these Sardaunas unless we search for them.

“All of us here, agreed that in the media’s primary responsibility of holding leaders accountable, is the important need to also encourage those among them whose selflessness and sacrifice have continued to ensure our tomorrow,” Uba Gaya stressed.





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