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Leadership Like Never Before



Blends of distinct chords make up life’s orchestra. Each chord comes with its own note and significance, but their essential mix gives a kind of musical harmony that lifts the human spirit. In life’s amazing symphony, the story of Governor M.A Abubakar, by his sweet chords and actions, gives meaning that is both mythical and sublime. His streaks in contemporary Bauchi State are no less profound by whatever definition, and often likened to different interpretations of an elephant by the six Hindustan blind men which show how limited human faculties can be when describing enigmas that defy rationality. This is why he has been typecast aptly as the “Makama Babba 1”of Bauchi Emirate” who has now come home to liberate his people from the underdevelopment, poverty and insecurity. Essentially, M.A Abubakar is therefore both an enigma and a role model for aspiring development enthusiasts, youths, politicians, business men and women.

In the public sphere, not limited to Nigeria alone, perception plays a crucial role in the way we react to issues or do things on daily basis. The image we portray either of ourselves or environment is therefore very important to the response we get from others within social contexts.

Abubakar’s rise to prominence is not by sudden flight. He has really crossed the Rubicon: as a lawyer born to a celebrated security personnel, he held several public responsibilities at the state and national levels before venturing into politics. The man is simply a technocrat in governance to do the needful as his contribution to the development aspirations of Bauchi State.

In his present calling, he has made unquenchable history by challenging corrupt practices in public service and underdevelopment. When he made bold to confront the mess of the past, it was a case which his opponents who were used to the recklessness of the past considered as “dead on arrival”. But M.A Abubakar armed with his resilience and determination changed the narrative and today, Bauchi State is a safe place for investment and leisure.

So intrinsic are M.A Abubakar’s offerings. More like well-tuned harps, or the nice pitch of violins in listening ears, his strides call people’s attention to the hope they inspire in collective psyche. His caper over Bauchi State’s sphere has left enduring cadences. The very reason he was mandated by the electorates in 2015, summation of which has been variously described as ‘quality governance like never before’.

The desire to be an outstanding breed, quite distinct from others, inspired his super-curiosity and love for new challenges. This undergirds his stance to always give back to the society where his roots are traceable. The desire to contribute his quota to the development of Bauchi State has since become enduring covenant between him and the Almighty God.

In his 2018 Sallah message to the state, he averred “2018 has been a particularly exciting year for our determined effort to regain our standing in the forefront of development and remain steadfast. We are steadily moving forward with confidence in our abilities to achieve further greatness”. What an inspiring note in a leadership needy state!

Governor M.A Abubakar, is a selfless public servant who do not only take stock of the needs of the populace but also find means of putting smiles on their faces. In less than four years in governance, he was able actualize his blue-print for the state despite the inherited economic recession.

Governor M.A Abubakar is now widely acknowledged to bring Bauchi State back to the political map of Nigeria in such an unprecedented manner never experienced before. This is why the people are rising in larger numbers to receive him everywhere he goes with interest and such interaction afforded the people to shower praises on his stewardship. In most of the communities he visited, the people were so excited and expressed their total support to have him back as their governor in 2019 now that he has been adjudged an icon in Bauchi State.

His actions and deeds in government and practical unbroken connection to his root clearly describes the quality of governance never witnessed before and little wonder even people from other climes yearn for his return to power in 2019.


Muhammad is a media consultant to Gov. M.A Abubakar.



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