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Don’t Expect Success Overnight – Rahma



A prolific and the most sought after local beautician Rahma Adam Muhammed. In this interview with Fatima Shua’ib, she talks about how her passion turned into business.

Tell us about Amaryadotcom

Amaryadotcom started as a little girls dream. I used to be quite creative with things right from my childhood. My school mates then would bring their slum books for me to write in cursive on them or decorate with flowers in glitter pens.

The traditional spa of amaryadotcom stems from seeing it being done at home having to grow into a Niger and Chadian family. I realised I could make it into a business as there were not many people doing it as at 2016. 

The amaryadotcom name was inspired by how we wanted every woman to shine bright like a bride.

We do all the traditional spa services such as sugaring (halwa), dilke combo scrubs, dukhan smoke bath, sauna steam bath, henna for every occasion and sales of northern beauty products such as khumra, turaren wuta, black soap, scrubs amidst others.

We have a branch in Abuja on Amazon street and Alhamdulillah a new one in Lagos at Ikeja which launched this February.

Has the beauty industry been favorable to you?

Yes, it has been. I started this from my home, it was an in-house thing, I did home services then and in a little time I have grown beyond my expectations. Within two years I have changed the spa twice due to space issues to accommodate the growing customers.

Take us through your childhood.

I come from a large family, I have so many siblings, brothers and sisters. I was born in Port Harcourt where I went to my kindergarten and primary school, I later back went to Kano state where I finished my primary education, I went to Sakori and then to St. Louis secondary school  Kano. Thereafter, went to IPMC where I started with informatics and rounded up in information technology at IPMC, a University of Greenwich affiliate in Ghana.

What is your most memorable day?

I have several memorable days, but my most memorable day would be my wedding day to the most amazing man, I have been married for nine years, Alhamdulillah.

What is fashion and style to you?

It is more about who the person is. I am never really a trendy person, whatever fits me is what I wear, I go with something I can look back to years later and say, Oh that was a nice dress!

What are those fashionable accessories you cannot do without?

I would say those fashionable accessories I cannot do without would be a nice six inches heels and a very good wristwatch.

Where is your favorite tourist location in Nigeria?

Tourist beach in Port Harcourt. It is a nice beach with a zoo, my family and I used to visit there almost every Sunday to fish and have a little picnic. We would grill our fishes and make it in form of barbecue, it was quite fun.

Where are you from?

I am from Tawa, a small town in Niger Republic, while my Mother is from Chad, I am a beautician and a Henna artist based in Abuja, I am married to the most amazing husband, also a mother of two.

What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?

They shouldn’t expect success overnight. They have to put many days of sleepless nights before achieving success. Their consistency, strength and uniqueness to the business is what matters, It is not about going into business, It is about being unique and offering the best services to your client, this is the only way you can stand out and people will sought after you.



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