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RCM To Deliver Atiku, Obi For Better Nigeria



A non-governmental organisation, the Red Card Movement (RCM), has said that they are ready to move all their members to polling units in support of the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar.

RCM, in a statement made available to LEADERSHIP by its co-chair, Dr Tony Akabuno, yesterday, in Abuja, said, “RCM leaders are fully articulated and we have advised our members and other patriotic Nigerians to ensure they use their PVCs to vote out President Muhammadu Buhari and vote in Atiku.

“Our attention has been brought to an unofficial statement by an unauthorised member of RCM, claiming that we are a faction and ‘dissociating’ the citizens’ movement from the well-attended press conference, that had the co-chair of RCM, about 90 per cent of state champions and other leaders in attendance.

“We challenge anyone claiming to be the leader of any faction, to organise a press conference and let the world see how many state champions will be in attendance,” he said.

According to the statement, the election is close; we are already on the field, activated at all polling units and ready to carry out an articulated canvassing of voters, to deliver Atiku/Obi on Saturday.

“Those distractors are either in the diaspora or ranting on the social media. We advise our members and citizens to ignore them. We have a job to do.

“Never again will any leader be given a second term on the backdrop of poor performance, and we, at RCM, are heralding and leading this change of political attitude of Nigerians.”

He added that whoever is working with the hopeless intention of returning Buhari to power, pretending to still be working for the coalition of alternatives, which is already a failed project, is displaying deceit of highest order.






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