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That Unfair Attacks On Aliero



In what appears to be politics targeted at ruining people rather than raising developmental issues, Senator Kabiru Marafa, an All Progressives Congress (APC) Senator from Zamfara State has lately been on both mainstream and online news platforms, spewing all manner of garbage and recklessly throwing decorum to the dogs in his imaginary  fight against perceived opponents in what is an entirely Zamfara in-house matter which arose out of the last APC primary elections. In his effort to create enemies and blame them for the disastrous tight corner he and his co-travelers have boxed the APC into as a result of which the ruling party may end up not fielding a single candidate in the general elections that are hours away, Senator Kabiru Marafa has become so unruly and spiteful, dragging the name of highly responsible and respected people into an unfortunate sad situation that arose out of the unbridled self-centeredness of a group of unscrupulous poliiticians parading themselves as leaders of Zamfara but who, in the real sense of it, are intent on causing irreparable damage to the larger interest of the party and the state at large.

It appears to some of us that Senator Marafa has lately become fixated with launching unwarranted attacks on Governor Abdulazeez Yari, Senator Adamu Aliero and an associate of Aliero, Kabiru Mohammed Kamba. He blamed Governor Yari for all the ills of the ruling party in Zamfara, lampooned Aliero for allegedly bidding and executing contracts in Zamfara state and accused Kabiru Kamba, of collecting three million dollars in bribe for judges of the court of appeal in order to curry favor for Yari’s anointed gubernatorial candidate. Even if it turns out to be true, what law did Adamu Aliero broke by doing business with the Zamfara state government? Why should Aliero’s case be selected and treated differently from other legitimate businessmen from across the country who legitimately undertook several other contracts for Zamfara state government since the state was created many years ago? When Senator Aliero was Governor in Kebbi, many non indigenes including from Zamfara had executed contracts in Kebbi, why were they not mentioned by Senator Marafa? And what do you make of a Senator who openly wished someone to die so he could marry his wife? Anybody that has exhibited the kind of irresponsible desire to play it as dirty and as uncouth as Marafa is doing on account of an in-house disagreement, the worse of which had happened in other states but had been solved internally without recourse to the line of action Marafa is taking now, deserves to be seen as unstable.

The people of Zamfara state will never forget the gang up spearheaded by Senator Marafa to sabotage the interest of the APC and the people of Zamfara on the altar of his personal desire to become Governor. It is clear from the onset that Senator Marafa’s vainglorious objective was to simply defame the character of Governor Yari and Senator Aliero to achieve clearly ulterior objectives. Kabiru Kamba is no doubt an associate of Senator Aliero and like very many others too numerous to mention, he is a law abiding, innocent and a legitimate businessman under the mentorship of Adamu Aliero. It is the height of irresponsibility for anybody in the questionable character and low level comprehension of Marafa, a man who benefitted from the democratic freedom the Alieros fought for and entrenched to just sit down, conjure scenarios, make up lies and throw very wild allegations at the direction of innocent people without substantiating any one of them.

To do what Senator Marafa did without thinking about the repercussions and consequences of slander before the law and without considering the stress it will cause to people like Governor Albulazeez Yari, Senator Adamu Aliero and a promising young man amongst them Kabiru Mohammed Kamba, is to say the least very unbecoming of a distinguished Senator of the federal republic. It can therefore be deduced from this write up that none of the wild allegations made by Senator Marafa was substantiated, I have also shown that even if a company belonging to Adamu Aliero had done any contract in Zamfara, no law was broken and we have been able to question the rationale behind dragging the name of an innocent Kabiru Mohammed Kamba in the mud over a matter he knew nothing about. The questions begging for answers are: Why must Marafa and his co-travelers insist on destroying the APC in Zamfara state just because the primary elections there did not favor them? Is Senator Marafa in cohorts with opposition parties to sabotage the APC and in the process undermine the re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari? What are the consequences of sabotaging the APC in Zamfara state to the extent of choreographing a total blackout for all candidates of the ruling APC when everyone knows that losing power at the state level could harm the chances of the party at the presidential election level? Who are the backers of Senator Marafa and what are their objectives? Why should Senator Marafa hide under the guise of creating imaginary enemies to achieve a hidden agenda of allowing opposition parties to profit from a self inflicting rigmarole spearheaded from within? Is any opposition party in any secret alliance with Senator Marafa to create a condition that will clear the way for such parties to cash in and win?

Answers to these questions are very germane to understanding the subterfuge of a crisis which Senator Marafa has cunningly created and is using to hide the bigger picture of hidden motives. It is important to look at this bigger picture because the danger is, while a dummy of an internal squabble and an imaginary fight with Yari and Aliero is trending, the hidden agenda unfolds at a time nothing can be done to salvage the situation. We therefore advise President Muhammadu Buhari, national leadership of the APC and the entire people of Zamfara state to look deeper into the machination and high level treachery that has effectively incapacitated their party from fielding candidates in Zamfara, a situation that has the capacity to further fan the embers of the armed banditry that is ongoing currently in the state. Although tangible efforts by the Buhari administration and the government of Abdulazeez Yari are afoot to bring an end to the incessant killings as is evident in the respite that is gradually manifesting, a victory for the same PDP that had provided the condition for armed banditry nationwide to rear its head, develop and become a security breach, will further complicate matters in a state that requires stability to wriggle itself out of the abyss of bloodshed. Nobody who sincerely loves Zamfara and its people would ever create a non-existent in-house political quagmire, drag the name of innocent people into that melee, sabotage his own party and create several levers of scenarios that will ultimately exacerbate tension and stock fear for a desperate opposition party to benefit from directly.


–Mohammed wrote in from Ahmadu Bello Way Gusau, Zamfara State.




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