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Kajuru Massacre: A Call For Calm!



The Council has been for the past days, observing with deep concern and keen attention the development so far regarding the recent bloodshed perpetrated by suspected Adara militia on Fulani hamlets in Maro Gida and Iri axis of Kajuru Local Government. Since the story broke out we conducted our private investigation on the sad event and arrived at the followings:

Although this is not the first mayhem on Muslim Fulani communities in northern Nigeria, we are in serious shock and disturbed with the style, sophistication, timing, and the manner in which the large scale cold-blooded massacre of innocent souls was executed.

With a profound voice, we vehemently condemn this genocidal and dastardly act perpetrated by the enemies of our dear state and country. And with deep sorrow, we commiserate and condole the “remaining” families of the deceased.

Based on our investigation, the killings happened on Monday and 66 people were hacked to death, but the story was attempted to be buried until when it becomes unbearable to the handlers.

The attackers killed everything with life including women, children, and animals. This form of mayhem is only confirming the evidence of genocide and monumental hatred of Fulani Muslims in these communities.

We are deeply worried and sceptical with the manner and attitude the media and the Government for keeping silent about the story for days, they took time before officially breaking it. The delay by both the government and the media is not encouraging. A quick response from both would have gone a long way, in calming the situation.

We are more worried (though not unexpected) concerning the ridiculous and heartless responses from CAN and SOKAPU regarding the issue. This brazen and shameless attempt of trying to cover the perpetrators because of ethnoreligious sentiment is more dangerous than the act itself.

The Council has been persistently calling for the implementation of recommendations made by several investigation committees and commissions of inquiry, to no avail. Obviously, this is why the massacres continued unabated.

As Muslims, we can’t watch, in callous indifference to the thousands of Muslims killed, as such, once again, we are calling on the Federal and State Government to examine the recommendations made by different reports on previous crises for immediate implementation.

We will not for a single moment forget the horrendous atrocities perpetrated by some Christian militia on various Muslim communities at different occasions in this country, such as in Mambila Plateau, Numan, Wase, Jos, Kuru Jenta, Zangon Kataf, Kafanchan, Zonkwa, Kaduna, and Tafawa Balewa,

However, the council is calling on all Muslims to remain calm and be law abiding. We call on all and sundry to exercise absolute restraint and patience, none should take the law into their own hands. On the other hand, we call on the state government to make sure the perpetrators are brought to justice, to serve as a deterrent. We also call on the government to compensate the victims and rebuild their destroyed properties.

We sincerely commiserate with the victims and pray Allah SWT for the repose of the departed souls. The council extends its condolences to the entire people of Kajuru, the Kaduna state government, and the nation at large. We call on all Muslims to immediately start saying a special prayer (Qunut) in their five daily prayers, for peaceful, free and fair elections.


Nafi’u Baba Ahmad, mni.

Secretary-General Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria














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