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Aliko Dangote Foundation: Quest For Better Health



The Aliko Dangote Foundation (ADF), under the chairmanship of Aliko Dangote, has a mandate to realise Aliko’s vision of an Africa, whose people are healthier, better educated and more empowered.

The vision is driven by the desire to change the current Africa narrative to one which emphasises Africa’s successes, contributions and accomplishments over time. The Foundation envisions an African continent where Africans and their leaders are ever more empowered in their various spheres of interest. The vision of creating room for opportunity led Aliko to set up the Aliko Dangote Foundation in 1994 to give his growing philanthropy a structure.

In time as its professional successes have grown, so also has the proportion of its earnings increased to tackle some of the ever present demands from individual assistances to community level water and sanitation projects and supports to international humanitarian efforts.

As Dangote’s business footprint expands across the continent, so has his appreciation of the challenges facing the continent and his desire to do something about it. 2013 and 2014 marked a defining period for the Foundation, as Aliko joined hands with Bill Gates to work with the federal government of Nigeria to attack the lingering scourge of polio in its last bastion on the continent. This called for a restructuring and realignment within the operations of the Foundation and how it works to deliver on Aliko’s vision.

The Dangote brand has matured into an undeniable global force with the renowned Forbes magazine showcasing it as one of Africa’s most successful business enterprises.

After 20 years of intense charity works across Nigeria and Africa, the Foundation was restructured to become the largest private Foundation in sub-Saharan Africa with a $1.25 billion equivalent endowment, making it the largest endowment fund by a single donor on the continent.

Following the endowment, the Foundation rebranded to better reflect Aliko’s commitment as Aliko Dangote Foundation (ADF). The Foundation was refocused to concentrate on four key areas namely: Health and Nutrition; education; Empowerment and humanitarian Relief with particular attention to women and children.

With the Foundation’s special interest in nutrition, it is developing the Aliko Dangote Foundation Integrated nutrition (ADFIN) programme, designed to tackle the scourge of cholera and malnutrition that claim 300,000 lives annually and cripple the future of 11 million chronically malnourished children in Nigeria.

Currently, the Foundation is committed to directly reaching one million households with community-based management of acute malnutrition, which provides access to improved water and sanitation, improved behavioural change, livelihood support, strengthening locals and national health system as well as global advocacy by 2025.

On continental partnerships, the ADF vision is not limited to Nigeria. In realising the vision for a better Africa, the Foundation is strategically supporting and working with like-minded international organisations in changing the Africa narratives. It currently partners GBC Health, One Campaign, CHI, GAIN, Africa Development Bank and a host of others.

Since 2017, the ADF and GBC Health have been working together to finally berth the Africa Business Coalition (ABC) for Health drawing lessons from the successes of the GBC Health model. The ABC Health was launched in Addis Ababa, last week.

On the global stage, the Foundation through Halima Aliko Dangote is working to position the Africa Centre in New York, a forward looking platform that encompasses culture, business and policy to promote trans-Atlantic exchange and partnership between Africa and the rest of the world. This is to ensure a healthier and more prosperous Africa.

It is not by accident that Aliko Dangote Foundation is the biggest private Foundation in Africa, but a well thought out principle as the founder, Aliko Dangote once said he does not want to be remembered as the richest black man on earth but as the biggest philanthropist.



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