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Guber Poll: El-Rufai/Hadiza’s Group Accuse PDP Members Of Divisive Politics In Kaduna



A group,  under the aupices of El-Rufai/Hadiza Ambassadors,EHA, has lambasted some members of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,in Kaduna State chapter of plotting divisive politics to cause ethno-religious tensions,  ahead of the forthcoming  governorship elections.
In a statement signed by its Chairman Ahmed Sani, the group said: “the persistently  divisive,  hate-inciting tendencies exhibited by the People’s Democratic Party members in order to bring about distrust among the good people of Kaduna State  to forestall imminent defeat at the coming round of elections”.
The group  said: “PDP attempts to exploit differences of religious and tribal cleavages to pitch the people  of the Southern part of the State against their brothers and sisters  in the Northern parts”
“Tactlessly using the obscure name  of one David Ayuba Azzaman,  the PDP,  sensing impending  defeat  at the scheduled governorship and state assembly elections of March 9, attempted to change historical figures and facts to fan the embers of communal  distrust”.
The reaction of El-Rufai/ Hadiza Ambassadors is coming on the heels of a document that has gone viral, titled “Implications of Elrufai Returning as Governor in Kaduna”, and attributed to one David Ayuba Azzaman.
The group also described  the document as “a veiled admission  of defeat  from a party struggling to recover  from the humiliating  scars of the presidential and National Assembly elections”.
According to the group, the alleged PDP move is  “democratically unconventional,  unethical,  morally repugnant  and politically defeatist”, while calling on “the (PDP) to learn how to play politics by its universally-stated rules  and not to attempt  to drag the State down with  it”
The group however, called  on the people of the State  to “stick to their  individual  political convictions  and to express them accordingly and peacefully at the polls.” the statement said.