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State Elections: The Need To Support IGP Adamu And His Men



The presidential and National Assembly elections have come and gone, but one question remains and it is if the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and his men can keep to their promise of providing a level playground for all political parties during the states’ elections. The answer is   absolutely yes!

The way the IGP Mohammed Adamu, his officers and men managed the last elections in terms of security, has been adjudged the best performance by the police since the return to democracy in 1999. This was possible because we have an IGP who is not partisan in carrying out his mandate of ensuring peace and security for the smooth conduct of the general elections.

IGP Adamu has proved to the rest of the world that Nigerians and indeed the Police Force under his watch, without interference by the executive arm of government can get it right. This is one of the key areas in which every well-meaning Nigerian should commend our president, Muhamadu Buhari. God has helped Nigerians through the president in identifying this highly experienced and complete gentleman to manage the Nigerian Police Force at this critical time in our nation. The rest is for every well-meaning Nigerian to give maximum support to the police and save our country from crime.

To ensure free, fair and peaceful states elections tomorrow, IGP Mohammed Adamu has rolled out some measures for the successful conduct of the elections. He has chosen to provide armed officers to patrol the polling units. This is a welcome development in a situation where two or three policemen without arms are attached to a polling unit to protect voters against political thugs in their large numbers who might invade polling units to harass the police, and in some cases, attack them and prevent voters from performing their civic duties. It will also increase the turnout of voters because no person will like to go out to vote when he or she is not protected, this is a right step in the right direction.

The IGP has also ensured the deployment of more security personnel to crisis prone states like Rivers, Bayelsa and others. This is a clear indication of love, respect and value for human life and it will help in preventing breakdown of law and order by political thugs during the elections considering what happened in these states during the presidential and National Assembly elections.

Placing an embargo on covered plate numbers is another good step in the right direction. This will reduce crime rate and help in identifying vehicles used in committing crimes and it will also help law enforcement agencies to identify with ease, vehicles used to perpetrate any form of crime. A situation where a vehicle number plate, both front and back are covered by few individuals in the society, and in some cases with tinted glasses is unacceptable.

The duty of granting such permission and privilege lies with the Police Force. If the IGP himself, who is the chief security officer of the nation can move around without covering his official vehicle plate number, there is no reason for any unauthorised person to cover his or her vehicles plate number especially now that the country is facing security challenges, which by the grace of God is being tackled by the president and the security agencies.

IGP Adamu has set the standard for every individual to follow and to learn from. As we go into the state elections this Saturday, politicians should know that the world is watching us especially foreign observers who are on ground to monitor the elections. Our politicians should educate their supporters on the need for peaceful elections and avoid acts that will cause loss of life and property as we have no other country than Nigeria. The loser should be able to accept defeat and congratulate the winner for nation building to go ahead unhindered. Power comes from God and He gives power to whomever He chooses. All the candidates cannot be winners at the same time. Somebody must emerge winner.

May God continue to guide, protect and provide for IGP Adamu and his men the wisdom needed to manage the security of the country. May God also grant our President the wisdom to provide the needed support for our security agencies in their concerted effort to make Nigeria safe.

Bala Itodo wrote from Abuja





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