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To Akwa Ibom And Mike Igini With Love



I so love the people of Akwa Ibom right now; a small state that is showing us the power of the collective. They have come up as the number one state to watch, come Saturday. Lagos comes in at number three because Delta State is at number two (after that confident speech). Let’s not be in any doubt about what the people feel for their son; Akpabio.

They do love him. He was instrumental to what the state became when he was in PDP. He was also instrumental in the emergence of the current governor, but the people of Akwa Ibom have shown that they can think for themselves and that despite the fact that they love their son, he has gone ‘astray’ and therefore they cannot follow him. This is the kind of electorate we want to see in future. As someone put it, this Akpabio & Akwa Ibom State is a case of the builder building a beautiful house and then begins quarrelling with the land.

While this is playing out, Mike Igini, the INEC REC in Akwa Ibom, has shot to fame for a reason worth emulating, one which led 44 parties to pass a vote of confidence on him. His predicament at the moment shows that doing the right thing, being upstanding, having integrity and being good and laudable actually requires bravery, courage and insight. Being bad requires little effort; we came rigged that way. He has stood his ground and will not be intimidated or distracted by the calls by the Akwa Ibom chapter of the APC to have him removed. We have found another man that has that wonderful integrity that our dear president has. Our politics is primitive. Let us keep him in prayers.





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