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PMB And The Youth Agenda



There have been calls for President Muhammadu Buhari to involve more youth in governance to drive the next level agenda. JONATHAN NDA-ISAIAH writes.

According to reports, more than half of  Nigeria’s 198 million population are youths and are the major voting population.As President Muhammadu Buhari kick starts his next level agenda on May 29, there have been clamour for more youths in governance to take Nigeria to the promised land and the reasons are not far fetched.

It is instructive to note that all over the world, youths are taking over the reigns of government. In France some years ago, Emmanuel Macron at 39 became the president of the country. The clamour for youth participation in governance spread like wild fire and it necessitated the signing of the not too young to run bill by President Buhari last year.

Keen observers of the polity contend that for the next level to work ,the youths must hold key positions in government. The next level agenda must be driven by youthful dynamism, vigour and ideas.

It is worthy to note that the wife of the president, Aisha Buhari during the campaigns constituted a 700 campaign team made up of women and youths. It is safe to surmise that the group delivered on their mandate.

Now the President has laid the foundational framework for Nigeria in his first term, the youths will trudge up the stairs to the ‘next level’ – making the youths the leaders not the topic.

According to a political analyst, Eze Idegu, every so often, there are moments that define a generation; we face our own defining moment. But in this moment of definition and great challenge exists an even greater hope of restoration and greater opportunity for the country’s greatest asset, the youths to be placed in places of responsibility and leadership in the face of the foundational framework being led by PMB which is currently helping the country out of a depth of decay and showing the critical need for youths to be placed within the president’s driving seat to inject fresher ideas and strategy driving on the realms of youthful vigor, strength and resiliency.

He said”the older generation have shown their might and capabilities during the president’s first tenure in laying this foundation, and here is the need for new blood inclusion and people with fresh ideas to bring new levels of energy and the speed required to drive this train to the next level as the president had promised and the generality of Nigerians adhered to and abide by the creeds of his presidency. This is the time to do away with any “CABALs” if the exist.

“As a generation, we faced hard days but still have our own share of responsibility/ies to fix our country under the instructional guide of PMB, but we learned then that no matter how great the challenge or how difficult the circumstance, change is always possible if the forces of progress are willing and given the chance to work for it, and brave it, and, above all, believe in it. In the end, that is the country’s greatest gift to all those who choose to make a home on her endless frontier. Hence we advise Mr President to take advantage of the vibrant people that form part of the Women and Youth Presidential Campaign Team in driving the vehicle to the next level.

“Like in the words of Tao Tse Chung, and by extension, in the actions/desires of President Buhari, “See what connects us to our country (universe), not what separates us from it’’, now is the time for the Youthful Energy to be engaged in propelling the Next Level train especially now we have a driver that can be trusted and believed in by the masses of Nigerians as have been demonstrated through the February, 23rd Presidential polls,” he said.

Recently during a victory dinner organised by wife of the President,at the State House Conference Centre, Abuja , President  Buhari has said  only those with integrity and interest of Nigeria will make his next cabinet.

He promised to use the next four years to conclude what he had started.

The President also recognised the significant role women and youth played during the campaign and the election proper, promising to engage them more in his second tenure.

On her part, Wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari in her remarks expressed happiness at the overwhelming confidence reposed on President Buhari by Nigerians, assuring them that he will use his second tenure to serve the interest of the masses, especially by addressing the huge gap between the rich and the poor in Nigeria.

“I wish I can invite all the 15 million Nigerians that voted for Mr. President to this dinner, but no place can accommodate you all. So let me say thank you and assure you that you made the right choice.” She said.

She also thanked the Women and Youth Presidential Campaign team, which she said, complemented the APC Presidential Campaign Council, as well as the Buhari Support Organization.

“Specifically, I wish to express my appreciation to the women and youth presidential campaign team that I initiated to complement the efforts of the APC Presidential Campaign Council.

As you all know by now, the aim of setting up the team was to get women and youth, who form the majority of the electorate, involved in all the campaign activities across the country.”



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