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Inconclusive Polls Allow More Voter Participation – Ohikere



Former commissioner for Information in Kogi State and national coordinator of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Broom platform, Dr. Tom Ohikere, has said that the declaration of some elections as inconclusive by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), particularly in the March 9 gubernatorial election was in order.

Ohikere said that it would ensure that no voter is shortchanged or denied the opportunity to elect his or her leader.

He insisted that the vote of every eligible voter should be allowed to count.

Ohikere told journalists in Abuja yesterday that “it is the only rational and legal means of circumventing the malicious designs of do-or-die politicians in our polity.”

He said: “Everyone is entitled to one vote, and every eligible voter has the right to be included in the total vote count. So, when some people perpetrate violence with the intention to dismiss the votes from a particular area, the electoral umpire has the right to blow the whistle and call for a replay to determine the distribution of support for the candidates in that particular area or region.

“A vote or election is usually called inconclusive based on the assumption or interpretation that a significant mass or block of votes has the potential of being left out of the final count of votes. We know that electoral hooliganism can be used to reduce the number of votes a candidate may secure from a particular place, if there was no provision for rerun,” he sakid.



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