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Mercy Aigbe



Our Celebrity star of the week is the beautiful super-talented Nigerian actress, director and fashion-prenuer, Mercy Aigbe. She is most popular for her Yoruba language movies though she is from Edo state Nigeria. The Gorgeous mother of two began her illustrious career in 2006, gracing the Nigerian Television screens with her captivating acts. Through sheer grit, heartbreak, scandals and raw determination, the former single mom who at one time had to pawn her jewellery in order to fend for her kids and pay their tuitions, has now become a brand, whose name on any movie roll is guaranteed to rake in the money and millions of ardent viewers across the globe.

Early life And Career

Mercy was born on January 1, 1978 in Edo State; she is the second child in a family of five. Mercy attended Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School Ikeja, Lagos, before enrolling in the Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State where she received her Ordinary National Diploma in Financial Studies. Mercy enrolled in The University of Lagos for a degree in Theatre Arts, where she earned a degree in Theatre Arts in 2001.

Her journey to stardom was no joyride, as she once bared to pressmen that acting at first was hellish for her due to the fact that she has no approval nor support from her parents. Her parents believed that nothing good would come out of her sojourn into the murky movie world. Despite parental disapproval Mercy found courage within to embark on her journey to stardom in 2006 and started off acting in soap operas before going into Yoruba movies. She featured in few Yoruba movies and either by design or by accident ended up a major force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian Yoruba movie industry.

Mercy has starred in lots of movies and TV shows since her early start in 006, some of which includes Afefe ife, Okanjua, Atunida leyi, Igberaga, Ihamo, Ìpèsè, Iró funfun, Mafisere, Oju ife, Ile Oko mii and more, bagging multiple awards and accolades in the process. Some of her awards includes Best Actress in Yoruba award at the City People Awards held in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Best Indigenous Language in 2014, Best Actress in a supporting role Yoruba 2010, Best Actress in an Indigenous Movie Nomination (non-English speaking language) in 2012, City People Entertainment Yoruba Movie Personality of the year 2015, Fashion Entrepreneur of The Year Awarded by Links and Glitz World Awards 2015 and more

Fashionista And Fashion-prenuer

In the process of living her life and building her career, Mercy Aigbe incidentally stole the hearts of millions of fans nationwide and globally with her effortless ever dynamic style. From the flamboyant to the extremely chic and casual, Mercy was never shy about experimenting with trends and wearing what she deemed fit. The final package to the casual onlooker was one of effortless elegance and flawless style.  Her flamboyant Aso Ebi styles became the yardstick for tailors and fashionistas nationwide, as she showed up at events and weddings in amazing intricate designs showcasing her fit physic and glowing skin perfectly.

Capitalizing on her increasingly growing style fanbase and status as a glamazion, Mercy the fashionista, wily opened the doors of her fashion clothing store aptly named Mag Divas Boutique to the public in November 2014. Its success earned her the Fashion Entrepreneur of The Year award by Links and Glitz World Awards.

Scandals/Heartbreaks And Legal Tussle

Mercy found love when she got married to the love of her life hotelier Lanre Gentry after life as a single mom of one but found out to both her dismay and the dismay of her fans, that her happily ever after was short-lived. Alleged rumours of domestic violence trailed the couple for months before the actress finally reached her limit and shared a video of the injuries she sustained as a result of the domestic violence she claimed her husband perpetrated on her.

Vociferously, the media, fans and well-wishers of both parties went to war on social media and the ugly fallout of the incidence let to Mercy moving out of her matrimonial home and immediately unfollowed her hubby on social media.

Speaking on the issue, Mercy is quoted as saying on record, “He beats me consistently, I stayed because I loved him and because every time he beats me, he begs and gets family and friends to beg me. He promised regularly to change but he never did. When my husband gets angry, he gets physical, not only to me but to anyone. He has done that with my house help who reported him to the Police years ago”.

Unfortunately, despite public attempt to reconcile, the state of affairs between the separated couple is still fraught with major tension. Mercy has declared on her social media that she is healed after the one-year separation from her husband who just declared his political bid to run for the governorship sit of Osun.

Scandal though is determined to stick to the actress like flea on stink as evidenced by the drama surrounding the red dress the actress wore for her birthday photo shoot sourced for her by her stylist, which a bride had already allegedly ordered and paid for, to designer Rikaotobyme. The bride later sued Mercy for connivance with the said designer, despite the fact that Mercy had never been part of the transaction. Mercy later countersued and that seemed to nip the drama in the bud.

Recently Mercy was engaged in a face-off on social media with her former bestie Toyin Abraham, who accused her of hypocrisy amongst other things. Toyin later admitted on her social media that it was a deliberate prank to promote her new movie but that fell on deaf ears and till date rumours of estrangement between the two former besties are making the rounds.

In every storm there is always calm and that calm or oasis of peace for Mercy appears to be her daughter and son.



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