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Kaduna: Incessant Killings Must Stop In Kaduna Says CP



Kaduna State Commissioner of police (CP) Ahmad Abdurrahman said the incessant killings in Kaduna must stop.

The CP disclosed this while having an interactive session with stakeholders from Sanga local government over the recent killings in Nandu village.

According to him, We cannot sit down and fold our arms to watch the citizens of this great country, Nigeria to be killing one another just because they do not believe in peaceful coexistence and or because of selfish interest.

CP Abdurrahman said everyone must come together to find a lasting solution to this menace.

“My job is very simple as the commissioner of police for the state because I am for everybody and for that I have to be seen doing justice and fairness to all.

“It makes my heart bleed whenever a section of the society picks their arms and begin to attack one another without any reason.

“I have understood that all these killings occur because of lack of tolerance and accommodation, as such we have to stop seeing ourselves as citizens of where we find ourselves as most of us find ourselves in a place not because of our choice but because God himself has designed that for us.”

Therefore we should tolerate one another as the act of toleration makes one a unique human being, we have our own people being accommodated in other countries. If other people can tolerate Nigerians in other countries why can’t we tolerate our brethren.

Also our youths have been misled and are only devastating their future without them knowing, and the pride of every nation is their youths as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

We were once youths before becoming who we are now,and we will not want to see our youths disgruntled by the time we retire, we want them to be very productive and be prepared to take over Nigeria and take it to higher pedestal. He said.

He added that to succeed in creating a very good nation, we must open doors for others to come and invest in things that will move us forward such as education, culture and custom, religious tolerance and understanding, as there is no nation that will progress retrogressively.

Also taking laws in to our hands has always been the problem as most attacks are reprisals which is not the solution.

I have always said that retaliation is never a solution to solving crisis, whoever attacks you should be left with God as he or she cannot escape his wrath.

He urged everyone to contribute towards building the community as no one is an iota of knowledge, he or should should pave way for others to bring development to our communities as doing this will reduce all these reprisal attacks.

The Chairman of Sanga local government Mr. Charles Danladi said meeting with the CP has been fruitful as he has advised them on ways to bring peaceful coexistence in their community.

Danladi said they will meet with the youths of their community who are always very impatient when ever issues or crisis come up and also create a very harmonious relationship among our communities as lack of allowing securities to do their job has always brought about reprisal attacks.”