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Lecturer Wants Ministers Appointed On Merit



President Muhammad Buhari has been urged to use merit and integrity to appoint members of his new cabinet.

A senior lecturer at the Sokoto State Polytechnic, Bello Mohammed Nasarawa, in an open letter he wrote to Buhari, said that to deliver on campaign promises to Nigerians, the president must appoint members of his new cabinet on merit and integrity.

Nasarawa said: “In view of your campaign promises, policy for change and the fight against corruption, impunity, economic sabotage and other crimes against our people, I am compelled to suggest that the appointment of your key officers should be based on integrity and experience. All the key officers in the new administration should be trained on financial and civil service regulations.

“I am an alumnus of an American university. We can invite some Nigerian academicians in the United States of America (USA) to come forward and make their contributions the greatness of Nigeria,” he said.

Nasarawa also called on the president to reorganise the civil service and emphasise the training of civil servants on new research and development.

He added that “there is need to cut down the cost of running the government so that all the loopholes that enable corruption to thrive could be blocked. The money saved should be used to empower our people through training and job creation. The level of poverty, begging and idleness will reduce drastically in the country”.







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