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Reform Nigeria Police, Sen Alfa Tells PMB 



Buhari decorates Mohammed Abubakar Adamu as acting Inspector General of Police

The recently reinstated senator representing Kogi East at the National Assembly, Isaac Alfa has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to quickly reform the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

According to the Senator who is also a former Chief of the Air Staff, with an effective police, there might not be need for the State Security Service (SSS) to go after alleged corrupt Nigerians.

Alfa who was sworn-in last Tuesday by the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki to replace Sen Ali Atai Aidoko who was sacked by the court barely three months to the end of the 8th National Assembly said since the last four years was a learning curve for the government, the National Assembly and the polity, added that reforming the police will be significant to the country’s growth and development.

“The Police as constituted presently is not only undisciplined right down the line but inadequately trained. The Police Service Commission as presently constituted is absolutely powerless,” Alfa said.
“If the Police is up and doing, we won’t need the SSS to go after the Judges, we won’t need the military to secure elections, lawyers won’t charge hundreds of millions or billions to compromise the Judges who are representatives of Almighty God on earth,” the senator said.

Speaking on his long way to victory, Alfa said: “My case went through 34 Judges and I won 10 out of 11 judgments; with the only one won by my opponent reversed by the same Appeal Court. I never gave a kobo to any Judge in my three-and-half years ordeal. I know that no system is perfect but there are some Nigerian Judges today that are absolutely incorruptible. God passed my case through many of them and may God bless them.”

“I bear no grudge against anybody over my travails. But am grateful to God for vindicating me at last,” Alfa said of his court case while thanking the Senate leadership for upholding justice at last.
“It has never been about what I can benefit personally from the Senate.

By the special grace of Almighty God, I rose to become the Chief of Air Staff, the largest in Africa, and one of the most operationally powerful today. I was a member of the PRC (Provisional Ruling Council), which collectively was then number three after the Head of State and Chief of General Staff.

So, Senate was a service to my people, bringing this large tribe to where it ought to stay.”
“Yes, the battle to retain my mandate wasn’t easy especially when I had to fund the litigation from my pocket with absolutely no help from anywhere.

Every politician knows that political litigation is not cheap. But I was determined so that my people’s decision must count whenever they decide to field their choice; that nobody should come from outside by any other name to impose their decision on us.”
“Now, my people feel liberated and are encouraged to insist on their choice, as I have shown that with God on your side, the Judiciary will give you justice”, Alfa added.




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