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Obiano’s Five Years Of Average Mediocrity



Five years ago, an unknown character in the person of Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, was sworn in as governor of Anambra State, Obiano had emerged as governor after being gifted the office via a sophisticated form of electoral heist that saw him clinch the office ahead of APC’s Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige and a host of other candidates.

For the undiscerning together with the self serving careerists, Obiano was hailed as one who would continue with the so called  ‘good works’ of his predecessor, Mr Peter Obi. But to those who put thinking caps right, the man was simply there to dignify an endless charade, we were not wrong!

How would one describe Obiano’s five years in office? Is there perhaps a minutest of reasons to acknowledge that this is a government that knows what it is doing or where it is going to?  If there are, how come these things are not tangible, or is his administration a by “his spirit administration” governance based not on what one can see or feel but given to what is  perpetually hoped for; the good policies;the good roads, security for all, etc?.

So it is no wonder when concerned citizens thump their noses at the attempts by Obiano and his coterie of spin doctors to brazenly and with much gusto, celebrate five years of mediocrity. These citizens, alarmed by the dangerous road in which this state seems to be transacted, are forced to ask if indeed Anambra is on the right track.

These citizens are asking questions such as where is the much talked about airport, the Obiano administration promised us in the heat of his bid for a second term, after a very dismal first. Perhaps, their anger would have been described as mischeiviously misplaced, had there been even a snail’s pace like work in progress. All we see is a billboard announcing the project, that’s all!

Away from the airport, these citizens again ask where are the roads? When they see the bottlenecks created upon existing  roads or the near dilapidation of those ones claimed to have been completed by this administration, yet this is a government that claims that it has completed over 80 roads since its inception, to which we ask where are the roads?

Again, while other states are attracting various forms of investment aimed at quadrupling the density of such as well as create jobs for their citizenry, all the Obiano administration has been about is to merely sign MOU’s with a number of companies with unknown capacities, these events are  massively publicised like box office productions and wait for it, it ends there, no work, and a none presence of these so called investors, it seems that all they succeeded in doing is to waste the tax payers money in the publicity given as well as add carbon monoxide into the system.

One will definitely not forget, how this government trumpeted its achievements in the agricultural sector when it announced that it had started exporting ugu and onugbu leaves to destinations in Europe and America, a number of us faulted such claims and even gave empirical evidence denouncing these stories as a heist on the minds of the people of Anambra, today what has happened to the booming export business that was said to have fetched the state government a whooping five million dollars?  Like the various MOU’s they have all but vanished into thin air.

A look at the finances of the state not only paints a funereal picture about the future of the state but also raises questions about what the state under Obiano has been doing with the finances  of the state.

Take for example, in 2015 and 2018, Obiano  through the State House of Assembly sought approval to take loans amounting to N10 billion and 15 billion Naira respectively. The first was for revenue yielding infrastructure while the second was to meet the state’s obligations for the 2018 fiscal year.  Yet, we ask, where is the revenue yielding infrastructure?

Where are the signs to show that these funds which have been added to our debt profile as a state have been properly utilised within the domestic sector?

Given the profligacy with which this government is said to spend funds which accrue to it, one then must surely be worried about where we are headed to and what lies ahead of the state, should she no longer be financially viable. With no signature projects, attracted investments nor perceived fiscal prudence, the doomsday is definitely lurking around, God help us!

So, the verdict in the court of public opinion, the Obiano administration surely faces dismal ratings, however, thankfully, he still has three more years to make amends and perhaps write himself into the book of Anambra greats or be confined forever into the dustbin of history.



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