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No Level Crossings On Lagos To Ibadan Standard Gauge – NRC



The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has said that there will be no level crossings where moving trains and vehicles will cross paths along Lagos to Ibadan standard gauge railway line.

Engr. Jerry Oche, Lagos District Manager of the corporation who dropped the hint in Lagos yesterday said there would be overpass bridges or tunnels where trains would pass through on top or under instead of the present level crossing whereby vehicles would have to wait for trains to pass.

 “The design of the ongoing construction standard gauge is such that frequency and speed of trains would not allow rail tracks and roads to meet each other.

 ‘’ It is either the train is on top and vehicles are below or vehicles are top and train is operating underneath so as to enhance free movement of vehicles and trains.

 “There would be about 13 of such over pass bridges between Lagos axis from Yaba to Agbado in Ogun state”.



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