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‘Court Did Not Void Sale Of 9mobile’



The management of Emerging Markets Telecommunication (EMT) Services Limited, trading as 9mobile, has said the federal high court did not void the sale of the firm.

The company in a release signed by it company secretary/legal adviser, Ore Olajide, made available to LEADERSHIP stated that  the company was aware of the news publication being circulated on online news platforms that the federal high court sitting in Abuja has nullified the sale of EMTS to Teleology Nigeria Limited.

EMTS further emphasized that these news reports were incorrect, misleading, mischievous and a total falsehood.

According to the company, the Federal High Court, Abuja did not nullify the sale of EMTS, the court on April 1, 2019, made an order for parties to maintain status quo as at April 25, 2018.

“As at the said date, EMTS (9mobile) was not a party to the suit before the court. The action before Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court is not about the sale of EMTS (9mobile) but rather, the transfer of the license even without locus standi.

“EMTS (9mobile) has however appealed the order and also sought an injunction pending appeal at the Court of Appeal.”

Clarifying the recent reports, Olajide said, “The sale of 9mobile to Teleology Nigeria Limited has not been nullified. The court made an order to maintain status quo as at April 25, 2018 when EMTS was not a party to the suit and we have appealed the ruling as well as sought an injunction pending appeal at the Court of Appeal.”

EMTS assured its subscribers and stakeholders to remain calm as matters are under control, saying “We are working with our team of legal counsels to follow through as deemed necessary.”

It noted that EMTS remains focused on providing best in class telecommunication services to its subscribers and would provide necessary updates in due course.



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