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Underscoring Values Of Youth Mentorship



Private sector complements the efforts of government by undertaking programmes that promote initiatives that improve the economic status of youth and women, enhancing literacy and learning skills in children, and improving environmental health.

It is against this background that AFRIGROWTH Foundation held first in the line-up of youth mentoring series earlier this week.

The programme, supported by Sabipedia and Superself foundation, is aimed at bringing out positive attitude in enhancing young peoples’ innovative and creative potential in ways that they can be relevant to employability and be self-reliant.

The underling idea is to improve and widen the recognition and inform understandings of problems, situations and issues, as well as ideas.

According to the president of the organisation, Mrs Dayo Keshi, the youth mentoring series are targeted at bringing 30 youths in a smaller group and create opportunity for them to express themselves in closer interaction with mentors.

The president explained that the youths are intelligent, resourceful and much more useful to the society if mentored.

Keshi further stressed that mentoring was an innovative tool and the biggest instrument to impact on another individual positively.

She continued “Mentorship is replicating yourself in young ones bringing that person into your space to provide the guidance required for them to launch out  into the society helping them nurture talent and skills to make the useful in the society.”

She explained further that the mini-youth mentoring series came as a result of the youth summit held last year which revealed that quite a lot of young people don’t know their role in national development or even self-development.

“There is thinking amongst youth that they have to be in a public office before they can make impact it is to reach out on a smaller group of youth less than the summit and school them on what their needs are and how to actualise their dreams through mentorship

“Young people who turned up this number can serve to many others, as the importance cannot be over emphasized ,methods of life and enhancing your capacity .can be carried on to others youth such that by the next series will have more focused and orientated youths” she said.

The president also stressed that the youths who carry the torch for the next generation cannot be relegated to the background, while adding that there must be a deliberate attempt by government and private individuals to every single individual who has a stake in the country to identify the need for young people to be well enhanced and empowered.

The initiative also aligns with the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth which  puts young people high on its agenda and embraces a number of concrete initiatives to support their creativity and employability as well as dealing with related challenges.

The general approach employed by the organisation is to regard young people as assets rather than problems, and to work with them in responding to their interests, as well as their needs, whilst seeking to capitalise on their creative and innovative capacities.

Also speaking, the resource person at the event, Mr Anthony Nwabuebo stressed that a major reason for this seminar is for young people and others in the society to understand the need to be passion driven.

He added, “Passion sustains you to achieve what you can’t do without passion, it drives  talent achievement beyond ignorance that  blinds an individual so programs like this throw light on what passion is about to help people to put in perspective what they can achieve, it grants willpower to do what they have to do to succeed.”

He stated that passion comes from inside a person to influence his or her environment adding that it goes beyond poor economy and barriers as passion drives achievement in any given area.

Participants at the event lauded the initiative of the organisation describing it as a step towards the right direction.

A participant, Oyewole Peace, who works with Edusoft an IT company, explained that she benefitted from the programme as she was unsure of what her passion is but the programme has helped put that in perspective.

“I intend to follow up on my passion and it is due to what I have benefitted, a lot of young people are uncertain about what they really want and i think this kind of programme will be of importance to them to help put them in perspective” she said.

Another participant, Emmanuel Aneneh, who works with International Centre For Total Health and Right Advocacy  Empowerment, an NGO, that is health driven and provides  justice for marginalised group of persons in Nigeria, said the event reawakened the need for passion in every endeavour just as he stressed that programme is beneficial to the large population of youths.

“This programme will go a long way because youths look for jobs that will get them instant money and often times not driven by passion this will help them achieve their dreams as mentorship programs like this build courage, and help youth identify their passion,” she said.

Fashion entrepreneur, Hopez Offor, founder of Hopez Tudes Rizons, in an interview with LEADERSHIP emphasized the need for the youth to be reoriented.

According to her, the “Launch Your Dream “yearly  project under her label is a forum open to young minds for development of skills through training in skill acquisition and mentorship in various fields targeted at youths actualising their dreams.

Another NGO, Graduate Foundation (GRAFO) was founded to alleviate the pains of unemployed youths roaming our streets in search of non-available white collar jobs.





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