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Re: Kebbi Residents Lament One Week Blackout



Our attention has been drawn to a media report published in a section of the media with the caption ‘Kebbi residents lament one week of blackout’. While it is not in our tradition to join issues with media practitioners especially on their professional judgement, we concede to reporters the right to choose and published any news worthy event. We are however constrained to correct the factual error and inaccuracies as contained in the report under review.

Certainly, the Regional Office was lately forced by both natural and man made phenomena to embark on intermittent load shedding and or review power supply schedule in parts of the State, but there was never a time our customers suffered one week blackout.

As a matter of fact, the six 11kv feeders in the State capital enjoys 15 hours supply everyday. It is therefore factually incorrect to report or suggest that there was even a single day of blackout in Kebbi State, let alone one week, as alleged in the report.

It equally pertinent to explain to the understanding of our valued customers, the reasons behind  the interruption of power supply in some areas of Kebbi State.

Given the fact that we are deep into the dry season, the generating capacity of especially hydro stations has gone low due to low water level. This has brought down the total generation into the national grid by about 30 percent and the allocation to our Company is equally affected.

There is equally the need for the Company to accord priority to  strategic state institutions and agencies like, hospitals, schools, water treatment plants and security formations in the overriding public interest.

The current situation also calls for more responsible behavior from our customers and other  stakeholders alike. We want to make a passionate appeal to, especially our valued customers on the need to ensure prompt settlement of their bills. In the past four years or thereabout, the Company has been buying energy worth four billion naira every month and what accrues to the Company in terms of collection in its four franchise states (Kaduna, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara) is roving between 1.6 to 1.7 billion naira every month, and this has led to huge unpaid liabilities against the Company.

Kaduna Electric certainly will have to balance its obligations to the market and meeting the needs of the people.

–Abdullahi is Head, Corporate Communications, Kaduna State Electricity Distribution Company



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