The vice chancellor of Madonna University Nigeria, Prof Chuks Emmanuel Ezedum has accused the House of Representative committee on Public Petition of moral compromise over a petition brought before it by two former students of the university Messrs Stanley Okoye and Ga-Lim Aondofa Lord.

He wondered why the house committee should entertain a misleading petition by two expelled students after they lost in a court suit at Enugu.

Ezedum, who disclosed this during a press conference in Abuja yesterday, said the former students were expelled for examination malpractices, drug abuse and distribution, including academic failure.

The university don insisted that the House Committee on Public Petitions should have waited for the outcome of a pending suit in an Enugu court filed by the two former students against some officers of the university.

The vice chancellor said with the insistence of the committee to hear the case, he suspected ‘moral compromise’ on the part of the committee.

He further alleged that the chairman of the committee had said that he did not care whether the matter was in hundred courts and boasted that his committee superseded the jurisdiction of any court.

Ezedum also claimed that letters of invitation to the university to attend the sittings of the committee usually come two weeks late- after the committee’s sitting, pointing out that it could be a way to stop the university from responding to the petition.

“When I talk of compromise, I am not talking in terms of material compromise, I am talking in terms of moral compromise because I have no evidence of any material compromise.

“But I can see moral compromise. A situation where a matter is being challenged in the courts and you are substantially aware of that, you boasted to the other party that you don’t care whether it is in hundred courts, that your committee supersedes the jurisdiction of any court in Nigeria.” It doesn’t make sense,” the vice chancellor said.

When contacted chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petition, Hon Nkem Abonta said the vice chancellor can say whatever he wants to say insisting that the committee is doing its job.