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Who Is Your Kidnap Squad?



When the news of the husband-wife kidnap that took place on Sunday afternoon along the Kogi corridor road broke, it became clear that the depth of depravity to which we have fallen is what led the kidnappers to leave three children between the ages 7 and 4 stranded and traumatised by the side of the road. Thankfully, the children were rescued, though one was shot. We haven’t heard she has died but no news is good news. We keep praying for the family and the children, and pray that the parents will be reunited with their kids. My prayer is for the wife because rape is a known tactic of war. It is used especially to psychologically break and break into submission both the females and males involved. In this case, the demand for the ransom will place the figure significantly higher because the man is with his wife. I’ll leave that there.

Kidnapping is on the steady rise and either way directly or indirectly we are all affected by the menace. While I don’t pray that I will be kidnapped, it set me thinking, who exactly will be the friends in the situation room should I be kidnapped and a ransom demanded? It is a question we should all ask without spiritualizing it. When I ran it by a friend, he asked, “why did you go that far? A one-million-naira problem should answer that!”

There is always a point of reflection. We are at a point where if you cannot call three “sure rock-steady” friends that will be able to hold the forte for you, then it is time to realise that you have been investing in the wrong set of ‘friends’! It is at this point that you’ll realise that friends are not those who are following you on your social media handles nor those who like your posts.

On a final note, as long as the monies that are paid as ransom are not tracked this kidnapping is here to stay.