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Gays/Lesbians In Nollywood?



It’s another Saturday and we are happy God has kept us healthy to see this wonderful day. The past days have been filled with controversies and heart breaking events that break our hearts and leave us in awe.

To start with, it seems people can do anything to trend on the internet these days. The social media is a place where people from all walks of life gather to exhibit their stupidity or intelligence to the general public.

From politicians, entertainers, businessmen and women and philanthropists, the social media have been a place where everything goes.

I have heard of homosexual practices in Nollywood, but the recent trend of a Nollywood actor being accused of gay practice is what is giving me loads of concern.

Just some few days ago, an Instagram babe with the handle Bold_pink accused popular Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna, of being gay and asked him to come out from the closet and tell the world what he and his other colleagues have been doing to get money and living the flamboyant lifestyle.

Bold Pink who uploaded a video calling the actor out was specific and ranting. The publicity stunt which didn’t go down well with the actor prompted him to call for a legal action against her.

The loud-mouthed vixen has been given seven days to retract the statement or provide evidence of him being gay. She would be charged to court on the account of character defamation if the above were not met. We hope she hasn’t bitten more than she can chew and this little publicity stunt won’t get her into a lot of trouble.




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