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Gospel Music Has More Impact Than Secular – Ebube



The name Samuel Oluwaseun Akinyemi may not ring a bell in the music industry but mention Psalm Ebube, the name is synonymous with the gospel genre as his hit songs like Kabi’osi of more than a decade still reverberate in the gospel genre. In this chat with SAMUEL ABULUDE, he speaks on the essence of Easter, his project and rare personal encounter

What does Easter mean to you?

Everything about Easter is Jesus and the reason why we celebrate him is all because  he died and was raised from the dead. Revealing Jesus which is the name of my double album to the world is to help believers activate the power in the name Jesus and the cross. We celebrate Easter to worship our eternally perfect God who separated Himself from every other deity by choosing to give up His own rights and life to restore and save the rights and lives of His creation.

There is only one God who gives up what He deserves to give His creation what they don’t. That’s our God. He’s why we celebrate Easter. Jesus took on the darkest evils of the world through the worst death, just in case you’d decide to believe in Him 2,000 years later.


What have you been up to?

I have been doing the things I love to do best –  music and recording songs in the studio aside my secular job. I have just released a double album with the name ‘Revealing Jesus’. This is the culmination of over three years of a journey into God’s heart. The album is full of songs intended to be sung by God’s people back to him. This album is equipped by the Holy Spirit to change life permanently.

I am convinced that the album will draw men and women into a depth of intimate relationship with Jesus and unveil Jesus. You will know who he is, what he is like and so on. You will be amazed when you listen to this album, and u will be amazed about the information available about Jesus that you probably didn’t know or had taken for granted.


What has life taught you?

When life challenges you it’s your conviction about Jesus that will answer back. Growing everyday from life experiences as a human being, I view every negative experience as a growing lesson. You really do need them as those experiences happens for a reason to grow your mind and teach you a lesson. Be grateful that they happened because you are losing nothing on the process while you are earning everything, most importantly you are growing unlimited on daily basis and submit a Learning self control, above all always allow the flow of holy spirit in all your endeavours. I am achieving things that I thought that they were impossible a few days  ago, weeks ago or months ago even years ago,so when I look at myself in the mirror, I remember where I was standing and where I am standing now it gives fuel to my fire to reach even higher than where I am now.


What’s your take as humanity is at a very delicate and deciding point in history?

This moment is crucial and every decision we make now both individually and as a race, would decide the rest of our existence. I expect to use my song as a tool to help foster global consciousness about the fragility and beauty in the wholeness of the human creation and hence the need to cherish this beauty in diversity and deliberately strive to sustain that which binds us as one. We must stress this. Our future as a race depends on it. Over this, I’m pretty certain that you’re all against the “Brexit” which would be very bad for all of us. Climate, wars, fear, hate, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, violence, refugees crisis, political tensions, greed, bigotry, financial terrorism, lobbies, media, religious terrorism, idiocracy and all are getting worse and worse on the whole planet, but please try to convince your friends, neighbours, families to not add more problems. The mankind and all the species on earth are in great danger now, we need to search for alternatives to switch from this neo-liberalism society which is destroying resources and social links, to new perspectives to live a better future society project, but we can’t do it if our world is fighting on ridiculous issues. We need to work all together.


What are the things people don’t know about you?

Few things. My fans really don’t know about me. Firstly I keep saying, I didn’t come from a background with so much advantage because I knew I needed Jesus to rise. I need Jesus  to still remain so I found myself waking up as early as 5:30 am to go get bread from the bakery for my mum before going to school, all because I  just can’t withstand seeing my mum go through that stress. At times I have to still stop by at some places to make a quick sale before getting home, sometime I ended up selling 80 per cent on the way. I’ve got this prophetic patterns and system I operate in right from my childhood where I get to speak the heart of the holy spirit to people I am directed to and I accolade all the glory back to God for his gift of the spirit. It’s been a top notch gift from God I really do appreciate God for. My triumphant family on campus can relate with this and Abijossy and Mikkyme Joses and few friends and colleagues and fans can testify to this. I look forward to your testimony as you key into this every song on this ‘Revealing Jesus’ album.


What informed your double album production?

I saw a fresh dimension of Jesus during my ministration at Amen Virtue Ministry convention three years ago and that was what prompted me to reveal more of him that I have had several encounters with. I want to tell you and I don’t know how to put it better that Jesus has been in existence long before you can even imagine. ‘Revealing Jesus’ album is equipped to change your life. You will know who he is, and what he is like, his character,  what does he like. You will be amazed when you listen to all the songs on this double album. A lot of people know about Jesus but they do not know Jesus. Many are serving a God they do not know. I realize that it is possible to speak for Jesus, even work for Jesus without knowing who he his, yeah! A lot of people do not know Jesus, they have never met Jesus, I noticed  many are serving an unknown God because He is not known by many, even those that prophesy him.


You have been a gospel artiste of repute for more than a decade and half, what has been the staying power?

If there’s anything in my life today that is worthy of commendations, I say to you before God and I lie not that I am a product of the Holy Spirit.  What you will enjoy in Revealing Jesus album is a product of the Holy Spirit. The richness of the word in you and the lavish operations of the spirit is not just for a show of it. The word and the spirit are the God factor in my life. If you take it out of me, there’s nothing about God in me again.


What are your plans for 2019?

My team and I have been working on something super exciting in this month of April. We have also put together an international/local tour for 2019/2020 and dates have been rolling in. We would love to make it to your church, your country, your community, #RevealingJesusToTheWorldTour.


What really inspires Psalm Ebube into music?

Gods mandate, anything driven by Gods word and prophecy shines.


Having written some of the great praise songs such as Kabiosi, do you feel there is a pressure and expectancy on you to write more hit anthems, even with Revealing Jesus?

No ( he laughs). I’m just not that clever. I’m really not and if you’re doing things for the praises of man or that kind of expectation it’s just too much pressure. You just have to love God and love people and do your best and then just see what God does with that. Also, you have to work hard on your craft, of course, we all do that. You have to be applying yourself, doing your best, you’re asking for input, being diligent with the process so you can walk away knowing in your heart of hearts you’ve done your best and that’s the main thing.


Do you have any regrets?

No, I have lost the ability to give up.  As far as Jesus declared that I am taking ‘Revealing Jesus’ to nations, then no power, challenge or situation can put me down. I know what God told me. My life is a testimony that God can choose to lift a man.


As a humanitarian musician, what role can policy makers play in the fight against extreme poverty?

I think policy makers and citizens can stage a major fight against extreme poverty and inequality by creating skills acquisition and start-up support system programmes capacity building and skills acquisition.  Through my work of educating widows’ children, it became clear that deepening the focus of support to developing cash income and livelihoods constituted a critical foundation for the current and future welfare of widows and their families. It is the only way to provide a lasting solution to each widow’s problem of being trapped by poverty, often, extreme poverty, where basic needs are not met.


What do you want to be remembered for?


I love Jesus with all my heart.  I love to see a world were love for the things of the spirit is above all and also see a peaceful world bond in God’s love. I love my family and the poorest of the poor. I wanna be the voice for the poor and widow, champion the less privilege. These things are so watered down in this generation and yet they’re so important. I just want to champion all those things.



Aside Music, who is Psalm Ebube?


Psalm Ebube is just an ordinary person that loves the Lord. I love being indoors


How would you describe yourself in three words?


I am a prayerful person. Psalm Ebube loves being indoors and keeps to himself. I am someone that talks to God regularly due to my spirit.



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