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WiFi Technology Adds $2trn To Global Economy



Wireless Fidelity (WiFi), a mobile internet technology used to offload traffic from telecom networks by consumers, has contributed about $2 trillion to the world’s economy, according to the WiFi Alliance.

Kevin Robinson, vice president for marketing, Wifi Alliance while speaking about the next generation of WiFi technology during a media session at Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2019, said there are more than 13 billion WiFi devices in active use worldwide. 

The WiFi Alliance is a non-profit organisation made up of a worldwide network of companies. It promotes WiFi technology and certifies WiFi products for conformity to certain standards of interoperability.

Robinson pointed out WiFi is the primary medium for global Internet traffic, adding that more than 80 per cent of traffic on the average smartphone goes over WiFi.

“While WiFi has been incredibly successful, its success has brought a number of challenges. As a result of WiFi being used so broadly in different device types for different data applications, we see a very broad mix of data traversing WiFi networks, which can ultimately lead to inefficiencies in how WiFi is using a wireless medium.

“We see WiFi in very dense deployments; for example, a stadium or transportation hub, where access points are interfering or blocking traffic from one another. We’re seeing WiFi networks increasingly used to deliver connectivity between buildings in either enterprise or maybe city-wide deployments, and there are challenges that go along with that as well.”