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When Seeking Employment Opportunities



A whole lot of graduates often complain about the non-availability of suitable job opportunities after graduating from the university and most get discouraged and begin to seek for other opportunities in the Western and more developed countries. In as much as there is the scarcity of employment opportunities within the Nigerian labour Market, there still abound, several prospects in small and medium scale companies that job seekers can apply therein.

For those seeking employment within the Nigerian labour Market, there are a few essentials that the seeker must know to avail himself of the chances that are.

Job seekers must first of all erase the “big-company” mentality from their minds when seeking for employment opportunities. The “big-company” mentality is when a job seeker is bent on working in a certain organization that he closes his eyes to every other opportunity that comes his way which he may term small and insignificant. Anyone who is seeking for opportunities to be employed must be aware that the main focus should be on what to gain from any company in terms of experience and how to contribute to the growth of the company as well. Not that we are castigating those who are bent on working in a particular organization, it’s just that most times, the reality of what the job seeker is facing may differ from what the individual have in mind so when an opportunity comes for employment, the job seeker should seize the opportunity and seek to contribute to the growth and development of the organization.

There must be a change in the mindset and perception of job-seeker concerning choosing a place to work in. Instead of looking for a big organization to work in because of the prestige and monetary values that comes with working for that organization, job seekers must re-direct their focus and seek to work in an organization that would contribute to both their professional and personal growth and bring the best out of them. Job seekers must know that job fulfillment is one of the salient and paramount ingredients in what makes up a happy employee who is always glad to go out in the morning for a place of work that is serving his personal and professional purposes.

When seeking for a suitable employment, the individual must make sure that he continues to build his capacities and improve on his skill even while waiting for employment opportunities as no employer wants to hire someone who does not have the required skills for the job. Individuals waiting to be employed must continually upscale their skills to remain relevance and be more qualified for opportunities.

Persons seeking employment opportunities must also be visible to potential employers of labour and one of the ways by which this can be done is through joining relevant and sincere HR groups on various social media platforms. There are credible platforms on social media where genuine job opportunities are posted so that those who are interested and are qualified can avail themselves of the openings. Employment seekers must be careful not to be desperate and fall into the trap of those who pose as genuine employers of labour only to deceive people by asking them to pay before they can be considered for the job openings. Also, those who seek for job opportunities should also intimate families and friends likewise about their desire to be employed.

Potential employees can also explore the pro-bono options, where they can work for free in credible organization in exchange for on-the-job training and professional experience. Working pro-bono is actually one of the fastest routes to getting employment as this opens doors of opportunities. When serving for free in an organization, the individual is trained and as he gets to be trained on the job, his capacity and skill becomes developed and the person also becomes visible to the organization he serves in and to other organizations as well. Working pro-bono also means that the individual have the opportunity to ask the organization for the specific department he would love to serve in which may not be possible if that individual was fully employed by the organization.

Those who seek employment opportunities must not limit their scope to just big organizations alone; there are a lot of excellent opportunities with smaller companies in which they can build their careers in. They must also cast their nets wide and not be rigid about working in certain huge organizations.

–OLUWABUSAYO MADARIOLA is an human resource expert



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