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Glitz, Glamour At Second Edition of African Fashion for Peace



It was all glitz and glamour in Abuja at the weekend as the crème de la crème of the fashion industry and dignitaries from all works of life gathered together on the occasion of the second edition of annual fashion show, African Fashion for Peace (AFFP) organized by Hopez Tude Rizons Limited.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of the company, Hopez Offor disclosed that the initiative of the show is aimed at intensifying advocacy and ensuring peace in conflict areas In Africa through fashion by creating awareness and enhancing sustainability for peace in Africa. She continued: “Peace unites people  and fashion  is an attraction,fashion has no boundaries it has one language and so does peace reason why we use the runway to buttress our point we want  people to wear peace we are using proceeds from the show to visit Internally Displaced Persons(Idps) who have been affected in conflict areas round Nigeria.

German Ambassador to Nigeria,Bernhard Schlagheek who was a special guest at the event reiterated that Nigeria  and Germany have enjoyed an amicable  relationship since Nigeria’s independence in the 60s, noting that ties between both countries has been characterized by close and mutual understanding in the fight against  terrorism .

“The organizer met with me in my office  and explained the concept of African Fashion for Peace and I was struck by it I think it’s a great message we can build  Africa better and it is not possible  without  peace ,What is particularly interesting about the fashion  industry is that it’s inclusive and everyone can participate thereby bringing together people, there can’t be peace for this one and no peace for the other, so the entire concept is important which is easy to identify with” he said.

Also in attendance is Stacy Hogan-US based fashion designer  with the clothing  line ” Built By Stacy ”  who emphasized the need for Africans to be see the show as a beacon of hope to the rest of Africa to build peace all in the beauty of fashion, as fashion  is beauty and in that beauty can peace and tranquility be achieved.

The glamorous event also saw German ambassador, Micky Okafor of Michy Conglomerate Limited, Rachel Bakam and several others awarded as ambassadors of peace.

The evening event also saw trilling performances from various artists and various designers, Hopez Designs, Built By Stacy and Roy Urban Kolections dominate the run way.



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