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7 Health Facilities Struck In Syria’s Idlib, Hama – UN



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Health Facilities Erected In Syria

The United Nations on Tuesday, said no fewer than seven health centres have been hit in Syria’s north-western province of Idlib and the central province of Hama by government forces.

A UN spokesman said in Beirut that the attacks on the facilities were recorded since a military escalation began in April in rebel-held areas.

According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syrian government forces and their Russian allies unleashed a massive wave of airstrikes on rebel-held areas in the countryside of Idlib and Hama in April.

It said the forces had in the process, killed no fewer than 69 civilians, including 11 children.

“Since April 28, at least seven health facilities had been struck,’’ David Swanson, Public Information Officer at the Regional Office for the Syria Crisis, told dpa.

The Idlib Health Directorate also confirmed the number.

The Observatory said four of the Health Facilities Erected In Syria were out of service.

A statement by UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, on Monday expressed concern over aerial attacks targeting population centres and civilian infrastructure in Idlib and Hama, and said that over 150,000 people have been displaced so far.

It added that among the civilian infrastructure hit since April 30 were nine schools.

In September, Russia, a major ally of Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, and Turkey, which supports some rebel groups, reached a deal to establish a demilitarized buffer zone in the Idlib enclave.

The buffer zone also includes parts of the neighbouring provinces of Latakia, Hama and Aleppo.

The latest escalation has raised fears that the truce will collapse. (dpa/NAN)



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