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Security Forces Alone Cannot Secure Any Country-US Ambassador



The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador W Stuart Symington has said in tackling security challenges, security forces alone can never secure any country, but rather must be supported and lifted by citizens.

The Ambassador stated this while fielding questions from Journalists at the Convergence 2.0 of The Not Too Young To Run Movement, themed Convergence: Leadership, Power and Politics” which continued in Abuja yesterday.

According to Ambassador Symington “The challenge is when it comes to security, everybody knows that every bad actor has family, friends and neighbors and they know who are doing these things. Somehow it is essential to reach all of these people and together make the insecurity stop”

“Security forces alone can never secure any country, they must be lifted by all of you”.

The Ambassador charged the young elected officials to dedicate themselves over the next few years to ensure that every Nigerian is literate

“On education and empowerment of girls and women, and all people who do not have education, I ask that these office holders dedicate themselves, not just over the next 4 years but right now to ensure that a few years from now, every Nigerian can read”

“Because it is hard to ask citizens to read between the lines, to know what really matters, when they can’t read at all and this is especially true for women and girls. And not just to build schools and train children, but to use all the powers of arts and imagination and friends on social media to help people who don’t know how to read today, to know how to read tomorrow” he said

“On the issue of creating prosperity” he said, everybody knows that we need to diversify the economy and many people are working to do that. So reach out and find out who is making money where they live and figure out a new way to provide all of their needs, lift all of Nigeria up.

Now is the chance for Nigeria to change the future of Nigerians one nation at a time by creating a path forward for every Nigerian.

“And that path begins with the security that every Nigerian can contribute to, it begins with the education, mentoring and civic virtue that every Nigerian can contribute to, and it begins with the kind of opportunity that every Nigerian wants to be a part of”.

Executive Director of YIAGA Africa and Convener of the Not Too Young To Run Movement, Samson Itodo said “The Convergence 2.0 is for people who ran and won the elections and is driven by our determination to mobilise leaders that can provide the excellent leadership that Nigeria dearly needs”.

“It Is not enough to struggle to be in office but some of them have won and we are building their capacities to become very effective leaders and to tell them that, politics, public governance is not going to be business as usual, they have to uphold principles of accountability and transparency in public office and it is on the strength of that that we have conveyed the Convergence 2.0, to expose them to the resources  and tools that they will require for qualitative representation and excellent public relations.”



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