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Top African Soccer Rivalries



Just like soccer in North America and Europe, African football clubs have a fair rivalry among the top teams. Surprisingly most exciting derbies between local rival club teams are played in Africa today. These games are often thrilling and as much fun as playing at All Slots Casino. Most of these African derbies are played with passion and at least a little niggle to spice up the play. Below are the most exciting African soccer rivals.

Al Ahly vs. Zamalek in Egypt

Like other best sporting rivalries around the world, these two high ranked Cairo clubs play each other in a way that represents more than footballing identities. Al Ahly is seen as the working class team which represent the values of ordinary Egyptians who had been on the frontline over overthrowing colonialism. On the other hand, Zamalek is favored by middle-class supporters and people with a stake in traditional society. However, unlike other derbies where players can switch sides’ players from both Cairo-based teams dare not to cross the line.

Simba S.C vs. Young Africans (Yanga) S.C in Tanzania

Away from North Africa, this football rivalry is among the most legendary of sporting contests in East Africa. Sometimes billed as the Kariakoo Derby, matches between these two teams have a longer history than other derby games in the continent. The derby has many great moments from die-hard fans, to emotional videos showing fans lamenting over a defeat. However, Yanga S.C has won more than Simba S.C over time, but the latter is catching up.

Gor Mahia vs. AFC Leopards in Kenya

Games between Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards are highly anticipated by nearly every sports fan. The matches are often played in the capital, Nairobi with fans flocking in from every part of the country. The city turns into a festive-like atmosphere whenever the two teams meet. Many locals believe that the rivalry has both a political and sporting dimension. However, this derby is fascinating as a footballing spectacle due to high standard play you expect to see on offer.

The Soweto Derby in South Africa

Played by Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs the derby is less than 40 years old, and one of the biggest club derbies in Southern Africa, let alone the South African Republic. The rivalry started way back in the 1970s when a former Pirates player formed the Chiefs. Orlando Pirates is the biggest in the country with millions of supporters while their Soweto rivals have passionate if fewer, fans. On match day, the atmosphere is filled with deafening vuvuzela sounds and different costumes on display out around the stadium.

Wydad Casablanca vs. Raja Casablanca in Morocco

This is the most exciting club derby in Morocco. The two leading Morrocan teams not only play each other with a great deal of passion but use different tactics and styles to remain competitive. Wydad has built a well-deserved reputation for attacking play which opens up defenses while Raja is known for its great technical performance and the ability to pass the ball. Raja Casablanca is well known for defeating Ronaldinho’s  Atletico Mineiro in the 2013 World Cup and went ahead to mob him and steal his football boots.



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