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Help Save My Wife! Man Cries Out Over Wife Battling Bone Cancer



“…we need N12M for cancer surgery in India”

Mr Douglas Ogar was once full of life dancing and helping anyone that comes his way, the former Councillor of Boki LGA in Cross Rivers state is like a popular saying  “only a man bitten by a snake knows where it pains.” That  what young, vibrant and energetic politician whose countenance and smiles gladdens the heart of his family is now a shadow of him self as his young wife, Mrs Happiness Ogar, a mother of three children, has been diagnosed of Fibro Sarcoma (Cancer of the bone) and has been referred to HCG Cancer Specialist Center in India for further treatment or anything could happen.and

Fibrosarcoma is a rare type of cancer that affects cells known as fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are responsible for creating the fibrous tissue found throughout the body. Tendons, which connect muscles to bones, are made up of fibrous tissue.

When fibrosarcoma strikes, the body’s fibroblasts lose control and multiply excessively. This either creates fibrous tissue where it is not supposed to be or in excess quantities. Like other cancers, fibrosarcoma can spread throughout the body.
Fibrosarcoma is part of a wider family of cancers known as sarcomas. Other examples include osteosarcoma, which specifically affects bone, and rhabdomyosarcoma, which specifically affects muscle.
Rarely, fibrosarcoma can occur in bone, but it usually affects the nearby fibrous tissue, not the bone itself.
Fibrosarcoma is not easy to identify by symptoms alone, not least of all because it shares symptoms with other forms of sarcoma.
According to Macmillan Cancer Support, the symptoms of soft tissue sarcomas, such as fibrosarcoma, take a long time to appear. When they do appear, symptoms can include:
*Painless or painful swelling in various parts of the body, and especially the limbs
*A cough or breathlessness dark stool
*Vomiting blood
*Irregular bleeding from the vagina
*Pain in the abdomen

Fibrosarcoma affecting bones can be even trickier to identify by symptoms alone. According to Macmillan Cancer Support, symptoms of primary bone cancer include:
*Persistent pain in the area of the tumor, which might feel like a sprain or “growing pains”

*Swelling around the bone, which often does not show up until the tumor is quite large

*Difficulty moving a joint or limb

*Numbness in areas of the body, due to the tumor pressing on nerves

*Fragile, easily broken bones, as the bone has been weakened by cancer
Fibrosarcoma can occur throughout the body but is more likely to appear in specific locations, such as the soft tissues, than in others.

When LEADERSHIP met Mr Ogar recently while soliciting for support to save his wife’s life, he revealed that sometimes last year, his wife was pregnant and a swollen part was discovered on her left leg, leaving doctors to say it was one of those pregnancy symptoms where most women’s legs get swollen. Not until when she gave birth, the swollen part was growing stronger and an Xray was ran to ascertain the actual cause of the swollen part.

After the xray, the result showed that it was Fibro Sarcoma (Cancer of the bone). So finding were made and a biopsy was also carried out on the leg which was done October 2018 and the result came out February 2019.

Mr Douglas Ogar explained further: “The test was done and the result confirmed that is was Fibro Sarcoma which is Cancer of the bone. From there , it became a big trauma in the house , in my family. The doctors said there was the need for her to know her health status. Since she was informed about her health, she started dying slowly. The doctors said they will amputate the leg.

“It took me months to manage her back to her normal self. We made findings consulted other different doctors and they said why they mentioned amputation was because that is the only option they have in Nigeria because there are no equipments for conservative surgery in the country. But according to the doctor, he said if we had money, we can be referred to India , UK , USA even though U.S.A and UK are expensive for such surgery, we agreed and settled for India, ” buttressed.

Mr Ogar wasn’t satisfied with the consultations he had already made so  he went to a Turkish Hospital, and met with the Oncologist. When the confirm same thing, they were still referred to India and they got the link with the hospital. He contacted them, sent her medical report.

“They gave us a treatment and cost plan which gave us an idea of what the treatment and cost would look like. And before we leave for the main surgery, there’s a need for chemotherapy for the cancer.

“As we are now, for the treatment and our stay in India , according to the treatment plan given to us by the hospital for 5-6 weeks, we are looking for the sum of N12M and above as the case may be.

” I have made appeals to almost everywhere I could reach and the response was very slow, so I turned my appeal to Nigerians with the help of AIT, Kakaaki Social and other social media outfits, including yours LEADERSHIP, I have been able to raise something close to N1M, which is still far beyond getting to the N12M. It is becoming an emergency because the time after the biopsy, it has started spreading and we are trying to avoid the spread to other parts of the body.

“I am using this medium to beg Nigerians to come to the aid of my wife, our aid. She just put to bed before we discovered this, our baby is not getting that care she’s supposed to due to this sickness. Please Nigerians, save my wife. Help us,” he begged.

Also when LEADERSHIP met with the ailing Mrs Ogar who couldn’t hide her tears, as the swollen continued to give her and her family loads of concern, she appealed by saying:

“Dear Nigerians, with a humble appeal, please help in saving my life by contributing to help me travel to India for the surgery. My family has gone through a lot in trying to raise funds for my treatment, and my husband has used everything he has just to keep me going. Please I beg for your help to save my life through this surgery. I believe in you people. You can send your contributions to this Savings Account number: 0126338288 GTB  with my name , Ogar Douglas Ogar .May God bless you abundantly as you help in saving my life. God will continue to replenish your pockets in Jesus name, Amen. You can call 08130034799 for any information about me. Thank you,” she begged.


Please let’s help in saving Mrs Ogar to wipe away the tears in her family’s eyes.



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