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How Nations Develop Their Human Capital



In the development of nations and their economies, the development of human capital has always being at the fore front of national policies and this is because people are the most valuable asset any nation can boost of, not their natural resources or political endowment. Human beings who make up nations are the ones whose skills, abilities, talents and natural endowments are used for the build-up of their nations.

When nations make policies, they make those policies with the hindsight that it is the people who will make those policies work for the continuity and sustenance of the nation, so any nation that does not take care of her human capital, her citizen, will have a challenge of development and progress. Every category of people within the society must be taken care of by the policies governing the nation, in accordance with the needs, aspiration and requirements of the group. From birth, to old age, early years schooling to retirement homes and benefits, every nation that have the interest of her people at heart must have laws guiding and protecting every category and age grade. From conception, the nation must make sure that there is adequate health care for mothers to have safe deliveries. Nations must have free or affordable early years schooling for the mental, physical and psychological development of every child born and raised within the borders of that nation.

When a nation takes adequate care of her citizens, making sure that every aspect of their lives is being taken care of, they in turn will give back to the nation in terms of the display of their skills and talents and in the use of their abilities for the maintenance and development of the nation. As an example, a lot of African go through harsh experiences and horrendous conditions just to cross the very dangerous Mediterranean Sea to Europe. This is because those who attempt these dangerous journeys believe that the continent of Europe would offer them better conditions of live and living for their personal development than what they are getting in their African countries. It is believed or rather seen from social media and the news that Western countries take very good and adequate care of their citizens which is the reason a whole lot of African go through unspeakable conditions to get there. The development of any nation can always be trace to the deliberate and conscious decision by the political class of that nation to develop her human capitals, which are the people and citizens of that nation.

In the development of human capital, there must be policies that should do the following:

There must be the knowledge of the number of people within the nation to be able to determine the adequate resources that would cater for each and every one.

The basic factors of living should be free or otherwise affordable. According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the needs of humans at the bottom of the pyramid, which are the basic needs, must be met, before they can move up the hierarchy to the next level need. Likewise, nations that have excelled have being able to meet the basic needs of their citizens so that they can develop their capacities and capabilities without question. The basic human requirements of food, shelter, clothing, health, security and education must be met by the government so that citizens can produce at their highest level.

Government must also protect the rights of citizens by keeping them safe physically, legally, emotionally, intellectually and psychologically. That is why the development nations have legal systems that work and the intellectual rights of citizens are protected and secured by the laws of the lands. Also, anyone who seeks for redress in court is given timely and not delayed justice.

There must be structures and institutions that not only protects the rights of citizens but also solidifies the platform that makes it possible for citizens to become all they can be, achieving their full potential.

Citizens must also be given the opportunities to participate in the politics and policy making of their constituencies which would give them a sense of participation and belonging within the context of the environment they lives in.  It would give him a sense of fulfillment and place of pride that they can participate and be involved in the process that decides their live, living and that of the family.

Human capital development must be paramount in the policies of any nation that wishes to become a world and super power.