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15 Reasons To Eat Fruits And Vegetables



Fruits and vegetables are important to our bodies and it should be part of our daily diets, eating plenty of fruits is good for the body because they reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, blood loss and kidney stones. This is possible because of the vitamins and minerals in them. Fruits are naturally made and consuming them protects you from being sick while also making you strong, good looking and younger. The more you consume fruits, the better your health gets.

1. Fruits boost your brain power which means the more you consume fruit the brighter your brain becomes.

2. Fruits protects certain types of cancers

3. Eating fruits and vegetables lowers blood pressure and help decrease bone-loss

4. Fruits reduces obesity

5. Fruit gives you energy and makes you healthy

6. Consuming fruits prevents you from contacting chronic diseases

7. All fruits contain Antioxidant which fights bacterial in the body

8. Fruits provides us vitamins and minerals

9. Fruits has enough of water in them this water makes your skin glow and well hydrated.

10. Fruits are natural and helps in weight management.

11. Fruits also helps digestion

12. Fruits keeps your skin supple and hydrated

13. Fruits makes your hair healthy

14. Fruits ward off fats and cholesterol from the body.

15. Fruits makes you strong.



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