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Women in South African basketball: A Look



Basketball is one of the popular sports around the globe. It is arguably the second most popular sport in Africa, and a popular sport to be bet on Betway. With more women joining the game, basketball betting with Betway has just got a level higher. You don’t just get to choose basketball as a sport to bet on Betway, you get to even choose women matches!

South Africa and Basketball

South Africa is a rainbow nation; thus, it is not unlikely that you will find it has a different number of games. This ranges from football, rugby, golf, cricket, and basketball. South Africa women’s national basketball team is the national team that represents them in women’s national basketball competitions.

A Brief history

Basketball was introduced in Africa during the 20th century by the missionaries. As most countries became engaged in the game, there was a need to unify them under one organization. Under the world basketball governing body, the managers of the first Africa Federation formed “Association des Fédérations Africaines de Basketball” (AFABA).

Back in South Africa following the apartheid regime, there were three teams based on race. Basketball Federation of South Africa (BFSA) which was for whites, Midlands Basketball Union (MBU) for Indians and the colored and South African Basketball Association (SABA) for blacks. BFSA was formed in 1953. However, during that time, women were not allowed to play in basketball; instead, they user to play netball. In 1980 BFSA was suspended from FIBA.

However, in 1992, during independence, all these teams united to form the Basketball Union of South Africa (BUSA). Later on, BUSA would change to become Basketball South Africa.

Women  South Africa Basketball.

South Africa is the youngest team to compete in FIBA. The good part is that it is the only team that had qualified for the champions since 1997- 2011 when it was inaugurated in the organization.  It has also competed in the African games in 1999, 2007 and 2011. Moreover, it fought in the Commonwealth games once in 2006.

However, the national team has never appeared in any world cup competition nor the Olympic games. Moreover, they have never won any medal. South Africa’s national women’s basketball team has two pairs of uniform; dark green and light yellow with a green stripe on the edges.

Challenges are facing South Africa’s women’s basketball.

As a team, they have had their share of challenges. The national team has had financial problems and disputes within the officials and flag bearers. The interim committee is tasked with coordinating programs, putting in place a constitution and administration to oversee and manage finances. Sadly there has been a misuse of funds. The SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) disbanded from all the positions within the organization. Other challenges which the organization has faced include; poor leadership, lack of resources, huge debt, incredibility, and poor standards of structures across the country.

Women’s Basketball is an integral part of sports in the country. If they are to revive the women’s basketball, they need to be provided with maximum support in terms of infrastructure and exposure.



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